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19th July 2005, 00:04
Which would be the best, plus the pros and cons? Somo one anyone?

19th July 2005, 00:23
Simply asking which is better, the crusader is. Not only is it a transport, it rolls in at 14 armour, which is nearly impregnable. It has TL Assault cannons (Crazy for killing nids/tau/guard) aswell as hurricane bolters (Crazy for killing nids/tau/guard) and a multimelta for antitank duty. Oh, but the AC works just as well as the MM at wiping tanks out. No tanks left to kill? Just let loose on the enemy. Chances are you'll kill a buttload before they can damage you.

It's also the best way to get your terminators into assault. You can rush forward, blow the hatches and let them charge into combat on the same turn you moved - no vehicle gives you that kind of effectiveness. Of course you're paying out the nose for it.

Dreadnoughts are the economical choice, you can simply get more for your money if you do it that way.

19th July 2005, 01:40
i dont really know i just guessed, but i like the nots w/ the twin linked lasconnon and power claw