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22nd December 2009, 05:06
now that i have a decent gaming rig. i will start playing the first dawn of war, i only have the original and the winter assult expansions. but when i beat them i will try to pick the latter expansions.

Diagnosis Ninja
22nd December 2009, 10:26
Don't bother with Soulstorm. Nun's with Guns ruined everything, lol.

Dark Crusade had a cool campaign though.

22nd December 2009, 11:49
DC is a great game imo. I have them all although DoW 2 wont run on my pc anymore as the graphics card is borked. DC online is better than SS, though there are 150 + on SS and 70- on DC peoplewise.

The Crimson Eye
22nd December 2009, 14:07
Why not bother with Soulstorm ?
It's a great expansion, and being able to chose from 9 different armies is quite cool. I still play that game from time to time.

22nd December 2009, 17:25
Eh... to be fair to the series, DC and SS were the stronger for the number of races, not reading the balance issues they created for themselves. If you do include those issues, don't bother.

There are far better RTS titles out there, and if you want a list I will gladly forward it, however, that is not the point of this topic.

22nd December 2009, 17:28
I honestly didn't care for the play-style of DC (and so by extension SS). The "stories" suffer, and playing on the same map 10 times gets infuriating, especially when the Comp starts to cheat. Much prefer more linear based RTS campaigns (like what the first two had).

22nd December 2009, 17:40
Dark Crusade was my favorite. The campaign was basically Galactic Conquest from Battlefront, but with 40k. Kick ass.

23rd December 2009, 11:09
worth getting DC and SS if only for the mods available

25th December 2014, 20:19
Dawn of War ... . . . Winter-Assault . . . Dark-Crusade ... and . . . Soul-Storm ... . . . Is the very 'best' of all w41k-computer-games Ive 'ever' seen, myself - next to the 'missing' copy of the 'Horus-Heresy' expansion pack - that is ! ; , *

25th December 2014, 20:53
Honestly, I enjoy all of the DOW games equally.... especially considering how cheap they are nowadays (constantly on sale on steam, and probably on sale right now for the holiday sale)

If you can snag them for a good price, I'd say go for it.

I like the original DOW more so than DOW2 since you can get more units on the playing field and though I feel they tried to go for a more tactical feel where placement is important... they didn't really do well in replicating actual squad sizes etc that you would likely see in an actual game of 40k. I mean a 4 man tactical squad...?? come on....

26th December 2014, 00:30
You can use the modtools, especially for Dark-Crusade - to arrange the proper squad sizes yourself - or suggest 'others' to do so ... . . . I know that the 'original' Rogue-Trader miniature rulebook for w41k back in 1989 or so, by 'Rick-Priestley' and 'Jervis-Johnson' - allowed for 'alot' of customization compared unto anything since y2k - for sure ; , *

26th December 2014, 02:42
Just for the record, we generally frown upon posting in a topic that has not had a response in 5 years

26th December 2014, 03:17
Just for the record, we generally frown upon posting in a topic that has not had a response in 5 years

oh lord, I didn't even realize he was responding to a post that old.....

26th December 2014, 05:21
I find 'nothing' wrong with what I did by my responce, since I just got here and your 'rules' are not the 'main' rules anyways - eh ? ? ? ; , *

27th December 2014, 01:52
Unless of course you actually read the forum rules

#9 is of particular note.