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20th April 2010, 03:25
Here it is im not the best writer but im happy with this

The Eldar of the Craftworld Ambar-Amor were once of the Craftworld Biel-Tan. Realizing that the Reclaiming was to big of a job for one Craftworld the Biel-Tanís Seers decided to make a new Craftworld called Ambar-Amor ďDark FateĒ. Half of Biel-Tanís Exarch and half of the Craftworlds Guardians went to Ambar-Amor and after several generations Biel-Tan and her sister Craftworld Ambar-Amor began again the Reclaiming. Ambar-Amorís Aspect Warriors fight with all the Rage and power as her Sisters but unlike Biel-Tan, Ambar-Amor has extremely gifted Psykers rivaling those of Ulthwe. With Biel-Tan and Ambar-Amor fighting together their dream of the Eldar returning to their rightful place as master of the Stars might just happen yet.

Please, Please tell me what you think.
Thank you

20th April 2010, 09:35
Its ok, the dark fate is a little unexplained i.e you would expect some ominous ending approaching.

Also eldar are a dying race they would not have enough people to repopulate a craftworld.

The powerful psychers is a bit off too. Everyone wants the best of both worlds when it comes to psychers and aspect warriors. What keeps it fluffy and "believable" is that no one can have everything.

Personally I would drop the as powerful as ulthwe section. All eldar farseers are powerful compared to others so there is no need to have them rival ulthwe, maybe have them lead by a council of farseers and Autarchs as a blend of wisdom and battlefield knowledge.

Overall the concept is good just a few minor issues.

20th April 2010, 13:54
yea, maybe not fully repopulate a craftworld; and if my thinking is correct, I don't think eldar could a craftworld size vessel since 'The Fall' (I could be wrong, I don't read the novels for follow the fluff much at all). But my perspective is that maybe your splinter group could have discovered and reactivated a derelict craftworld (one that didn't escape the psychic lash of 'The Fall' but was far enough away from the Eye of Terror that the ship wasn't destroyed by the warp)*

as for population; they could have been joined by (even conscripted, if you like the militant route; Biel-Tan are the militant eldar IIRC) exodite colonies to boost their numbers.

of which since the exodites had the foresight to flee long before 'The Fall', this could be where your craftworld got its ample supply of seers too.

* = and on a side note, having reclaimed a derelict craftworld ship on the outer edge of the Eye of Terror might be a nice way to tie in why you have a strong showing of Farseers. As they would have been gathered to survey and divine if the vessel was tainted by the warp. Plus you'd need their powerfull psionics and the skills of bonesingers to restore it :P

20th April 2010, 16:58
I like the finding a dirlect Craftworld and the conscripting of Exodite worlds it all ties together thanks guys