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19th May 2010, 12:45
Setup as three "platoons" Each with a vet squad and a punisher to take the brunt of the fire.

Company Command Squad [80] [Lascannon, 2 Snipers]


Veteran Squad [90] [Lascannon]

Veteran Squad [155] [3 Melta Guns, Chimera]

Veteran Squad [155] [3 Melta Guns, Chimera]

Veteran Squad [170] [3 Plasma Guns, Chimera]

Veteran Squad [95] [3 Flamers]

Fast Attack

Valkyrie [145] [MRP's, Lascannon]

Heavy Support

Punisher [195] [Lascannon]

Punisher [195] [Lascannon]

Vanquisher [220] [Pask Lascannon]


MC Tic Tac
19th May 2010, 13:05
Swap 2 Punishers for 1 Demolisher and 1 Regular Russ, you now have better ranged anti tank beyond 12" and can really hurt multiple foes while still being flexable.

19th May 2010, 13:42
well the punishers have some good anti-tank in the form of lascannons, but as far as the gatling cannon goes, I've noticed it always makes it's points back. It can literally take care of anything with an av 11 or less side. And rarely fails to do anything. My battlecannons on the other hand have a bad habit of missing and doing nothing the whole round. and only killing a few Meqs by turn 5. I have a feeling the demoisher would be a similar story save for high anti-tank ability. But I have a vanquisher for that.

Besides punisher usefulness increases exponentially as you add more. Vanqusiher might be fun though.

19th May 2010, 16:41
I don't get what your CCS-es are doing. You could better just get veterans. The CCS is great because of orders OR creed/straken OR special weapon spam. Seeing as you have none of these I see no use of the CCS.

At least two of the punishers should be upgraded to demolishers. Punishers just don't match the S10 ordnance of the demolisher.

Overall I think you should replace one CCS with a vet squad (both camo cloacks), so at least they can work together, and they can hold home objectives.

This does make your list VERY dull however, so perhaps drop a chimera w. vets/ punisher for some variety.

EDIT: lol you editted it at the same time I posted.

For the new list:
better, I'm not a fan of the vanquisher w. pask (just too damn expensive).

Perhaps replace him with a demolisher?