View Full Version : Which Leman Russ tank best suits my army??

31st August 2010, 01:43
Which Leman Russ tank best suits my army??
I am quite new to the Warhammer 40k realm

so I am looking at making a 500 point Imperial guard army for a start
This includes a Verteran squad an infantry squad a Chimera and a Leman Russ tank.

But i am having trouble with which Leman Russ tank to pick.
I will probley be taking on a lot of infantry in 500 point matchs and i will be usally taking on the Tyranids or Space Marines so i was thinking an Exterminator with 3 heavy bolters and heavy stubber or a normal Leman russ battle tank with 3 heavy bolters and heavy stubber.

So im looking at facing lots of infantry with the occasional Carnifex or Rhino.

Please give me your opinion because im very new to Warhammer 40k

31st August 2010, 02:22
Considering the point size and the natural short range of vet+chim, I'd suggest the Battle Tank. It's got the AP to deal with most marines and nids units (terminators and tyrannofexes will shrug it off though) and the Str 8 Ord will pop Rhinos and ID Warriors.

IMO Exterminators are overkill in smaller games. Demolishers are my personal fav, but you need to have a good amount of long range fire to support it.

31st August 2010, 02:33
Yeah I'd say the regular Battle Tank as well. It's may not be as flashy as some of the variants but it's still a bit of a beast. It'll do some real damage.

Plus you can't argue with the Battle Cannon's range.

31st August 2010, 04:28
im going to be slightly at odds with the others and say demolisher with 2 plasma in sponsons and a las in the hull, fex's scare me to a level being a tanker that is just silly but a demolisher will do the damage your looking for to marines and your hull/sponson weapons will make a mess of harder things.