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4th September 2010, 20:46
Okay so I just got this squad of SM terminators and I was looking at the cyclone rocket launchers that you can attach to them. So I was wondering at the cost of some extra points is there any rules against me giving all of my terminators cyclone launchers on top of there normal weapons?

Brother-Captain Sharp
4th September 2010, 20:54
Away we go to Space Marines Discussion. Awaaaaaaay. ;)

As for the question, do you own the codex? If yes, the Terminator entry in the back of the book will tell you your options for kitting the squad out. If no, you really do need it, as it is an integral aspect of the game.

4th September 2010, 20:55
Yes. It's the "For every 5 models in the squad one may be given ... " line.

The Dark Pwner
4th September 2010, 20:56
You mean apart from:
"For every five models in the squad, one Terminator may choose one of the following options:"

I'm afraid not :)

If you make it a 10 man then you can take another cyclone. Thats as much as you can do i'm afraid.

4th September 2010, 21:08
dang but that would be awesome

4th September 2010, 21:22
buy the codex , all will be revealed