View Full Version : 1000 pts of IG vs Nids

4 The Emperor
4th November 2010, 04:13
Tomorrow i may be having a battle against Nids! any ideas? Any stuff that would be a must to include?

4th November 2010, 04:14
A codex, list, minis (preferably assembled and painted) dice, ruler and templates. But a list would be a great start.

4th November 2010, 04:41
Colonel straken in chimera with plasma guardsmen.
two 30man platoons with power weapons and a commissar, autocannons,
With strakens bonus's and commissar LD nid's won't be able to break your lines.

Lemun russ with the heavy 3 plasma cannon. and plasma sponsoons to smake down their MC's.

Or just go full mechanized guard.
Nids have a tough time with fast mechanized armies.