View Full Version : My VERY shooty ork list.

12th February 2011, 07:28
This list is designed to maul the opponent without mercy, and it dose just that. LOADS of ordnance pound the other army each turn- It's quite a scary list to be against, unless your tau.
Big Mek Gearspoggle- 130
*Power Klaw
*Shokk Attack Gun
*Cybork Body
Big Mek Gitbeater- 85
*Kustom force field


Da Basha'- 100
*Deff Dread
*Big shoota'
*extra close combat weapon
*Grot riggers

Da Ladz wif da gunz- 160
*20 Boyz /w shootas
*Nob /w PK and BP

Da Ladz wif da sharp fingz- 160
*20 Boyz /w choppa and slugga
*Nob /w PK and BP

Heavy Support
Dakka wagon #1- 125
*Boom Gun
*Armor Plates
*Ard' Case

Dakka wagon #2- 125
*Boom Gun
*Armor Plates
*Ard' Case

Dakka wagon #3- 125
*Boom Gun
*Armor Plates
*Ard' Case

Totaling in at 1000 points on the dot, this list can foot slog forward with MASSIVE amounts of cover fire. 4 ordnance a turn, I intend to keep both big meks in between the tanks (They will all get a force-field), and a cover save. The boyz and my deff dread will march forward, and engage and annihilate any units that survived my onslaught of firepower.

Any comments? Opinions?