View Full Version : Looking for advice on Imperial Guard

18th February 2011, 22:24
Hello, everyone.

Im a complete Noob in WH40k.
I have friends in my LGS that are teaching me how to play and all taht stuff, but Im willing to kick their asses off. I need advice outside from my usual group.

Im really thinking about making an Imperial Guard, probably because Im also reading the first novel of Gaunts Ghosts... and Im also sick of everyone playing with marines.

So... what would be a good army list and tactica with Imperial Guard trying to beat Ultramarines?

19th February 2011, 01:50
Im new the the IG as well, and what i have found really helpful is reading the Imperial Guard section of the Specific Armies Forum. People have posted a lot of different army lists,which have given some good ideas for my first army list. And they have given me some very good advise on my starter army list.