View Full Version : 800pts Scenario Grey Knights

3rd March 2011, 10:44
Scenario is called suprise attack. Basically the IG player im with starts in the middle of the board a minimum of 12" from the table edges. All his units must be on the board (no reserves for him) and each unit must be 6" from any other unit forcing him to spread out. Last Scenario we played he brought just under 100 men to the table, for about the first 2 turns i managed to get rid of about 20 per turn but it just wasnt enough before i suffered death by first rank second rank lasgun fire. I come on from reserve from any table edge and get first turn. Whoever holds the middle of the board at the end wins.

I was thinking i need holocaust, and lots of it. I also need to come on from reserve and get straight into combat to avoid getting shot to pieces therefor i need a land raider.

list open for a large amount of input please

brother captain with holocaust joining a retinue of 3 terminators, one of which is also a brother captain with holocaust. Mounted in a land raider = 504

2*5 PAGK squads = 300

He has the infantry organised into two troop choices each of around 50 men. Plan to bring all on from one side and dive in hopefully taking an entire infantry squad out in one go with the help of double holocaust.

ideas on how to approach this other ways entirely would also be helpful.