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6th March 2011, 14:19
Daemon Prince
MoT, Wings, Warptime, Wind of Chaos

3 Terminators
Reaper Autocannon, 2 Combi Meltas, power weapons, Icon of Tzeentch

8 Thousand Sons
Sorcerer with Gift of Chaos, Icon

Havoc Launcher

8 Chaos marines
Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon, Melta Gun, Icon of Tzeentch

8 Thousand Sons
Sorcerer with Bolt of Change, Icon

Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

5 Lesser Daemons

5 Lesser Daemons

5 Lesser Daemons

5 Lesser Daemons

I love the whole theme of Tzeentch and although I've heard they aren't the most competetive army they are great fun to convert and hopefully to play. Basic idea for this force is the unmounted thousand Sons and csm hold the line, the rhino mounted tends to hunt well armed units or turn multi wound models into spawn. The termi's deep strike near tanks and unleash meltas or autocannons on them. The daemon prince can tank bust, assault. The lesser daemons show up where needed to take objectives, bolster assaults and generally be annoying. Im considering removing the dread and swapping in a greater daemon, Im a bit worried the dread will rely on being close range to be useful and will just get blown up.
Any thoughts, ideas, criticisms and the like would be much appreciated.

6th March 2011, 19:08
I'm now seriously considering removing the IoT from the terminators and the marines, swapping them for Chaos Glory Icons, doin a shift around and adding in a predator. Obviously the models would keep their Tzeentch theme but in terms of fluff I could say that they are not far enough down the path of chaos to have been bestowed the mark of Tzeentch. Something like that, it just seems the 5++ is just not going to be that useful. Any thoughts, somebody help because my brain is starting to hurt thinking about it. :)

6th March 2011, 19:48
I have all of the models to make a tzeentch army but have never gotten around to it. but tzeentch is awesome....because he's tzeentch! that being said your termies would benefit from dropping the auto-cannon...way too expensive! also if you want to keep the termies tzeentch add at least two more guys to keep them more balanced. nothing a good 2+ 4++ melta-ing sqaud with fists that deep-strike next to tanks can't fix (its my favorite way to kill land raiders) predators are ok but i'd rather have obliterator's or even a vindicator.also lesser daemon's are meh. as for as tzeentch marked marine versus ioc goes is really personal preference. the ioc squads are better for their points imo and get things done better generally (it's at the heart of most armies) but if you want to play an all tzeentch army then by george do it! because it is a game after all, and why play it if you don't absolutely love it? whatever tickles your pickle!

6th March 2011, 21:50
Yeah thats definitely a plan for the terminators, I would include obliterators but I really don't like the model. They also don't fit the fluff very well unless I somehow converted some. After more revisions of my list than I can count I decided to drop the Autocannon and one of the lesser daemon squads and the dreadnought and threw in two predators. I haven't tried the lesser daemons yet so will give them a chance before I cast them into the fires of the warp for eternity. Gonna stick with the tzeentch marks just for fluffy reasons. Thanks for the feedback!

7th March 2011, 02:20
yeah the obliterator models suck...i just green stuffed bits to some termies, lol. and 2 predators makes them more survivable and forces harder target priority which is always nice. glad to see you dropped the dread as well, since chaos dreads aren't worth the hassle. Also glad to see you're sticking with tzeentch! you've inspired me to give my tzeentch list another go! and no problem man, we chaos players gotta stick together lol.

7th March 2011, 04:01
the original list is prety good. pure tz isn't always the most competitive chaos faction, but its defiantly one of my favorites. IoTz is a little expensive for my tastes, i usually will go with undivided icons, as they let me buy more fun toys, and the 5++ is.. situational at best. I like my tz (especially 1k sons) in rhinos. at around 24" they tend to unload and use the rhinos as cover to screen against my opponents more dangerous elements. one thing you've included, that is absolutely crucial for Tz is those lesser daemons. summon them in front of incoming assault elements to give your 1k sons an extra turn to shoot, or toss em into heavy weapons squads to tie up the big guns. the point of lesser daemons in Tz isnt to kill things, but to allow you to control the forces your opponent can bring to bear on you (very tzeentchian imo).

if i were to advise changes to your list, it would be;
- mechanize. its just to useful a tool.
- drop the daemon prince, or run 2. lone princes are stupidly vulnerable targets. they either need the redundancy of a 2nd prince to ensure their role is completed, or need to be dropped in favor of an HQ that can hide in a unit. personally i find the most success with lords wielding a daemon wep, but sorcerers can be very effective for not much more cost.
- this one is more a personal preference, but i hate termicide. some may have better things to say on it, but i find it practically worthless for destroying more than just a single tank, and even that is way to random, as one cannot controll when the terms arrive. usually, it wont be when you need them most. reaper AC's are also overpriced, and dont mesh well with melta's. they are however one of the few units i consider a good place to put IoTz, as the 4++ is a tough nut to crack.
- always, always run CSM at 10+, you need that 2nd special wep. the only reason not to do this is to stick an HQ in a rhino mounted CSM squad.

anyway, my $0.02

:edit: i don't advise predators. CSM ones are to expensive imo, and always under perform. if you really want some tanky-shooting, consider a Vindi or 2

7th March 2011, 15:10
I don't know about it not being competitive... my tzeentch list doesn't run a single model without a 4+ invuln save. Sure, that's a weak defense against massed wounds but it sure does frustrate other players if you can make that save often enough.

7th March 2011, 18:52
- mechanize. its just to useful a tool.

:edit: i don't advise predictors. CSM ones are to expensive imo, and always under perform. if you really want some tanky-shooting, consider a Vindi or 2

Agreed! mech is king. and i traded my chaos predator for that exact reason....just not worth it.... and madmage i think tzeentch is non-competative due to price being way too high....a perfect exqample would be taking icon of chaos glory over icon of tzeentch. chaos glory performs better than icon of tzeentch and is preffered by almost all chaos players. plus you save 30 points per squad....if tzeentch was cheaper, maybe....but as of now chaos glory can do it better and cheaper....but being a themed army i think it would be just fun....not everything in warhammer has to be uber-competative.