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17th March 2011, 09:31
So as I have said before, looking at all the armies before I FINALLY choose one... Anywho, one of the top competitors on that list is Eldar! So I sat down with the book today and came up with a pretty generic 1,000 point Mech-dar list that would be going up against Orks and Dark Eldar.

Farseer Uno
Farseer Dos
10 Dire Avengers
-Exarch w/ Dual Shuriken Catapults and Bladestorm
-Wave Serpent Transport w/ Brightlance and Spirit Stones
10 Dire Avengers
-Exarch w/ Dual Shuriken Catapults and Bladestorm
-Wave Serpent Transport w/ Brightlance and Spirit Stones
Fire Prism Tank
-Spirit Stones
Fire Prism Tank
-Spirit Stones
TOTAL: 1004 Points (a little over, but I'll let them have one extra Ork or something :o)

So, I doubt this army really needs explaining but anyways...
-Each Farseer rides with an Avenger squad in the Serpent, they pop out, Bladestorm and Doom for 35 re-roll to wound attacks. Combined, that's 70 BS4 AP5 Re-roll to wound attacks! Ouch...
-Bright Lances on the Serpent? Why? Well, seeing as my Dark Eldar opponent will have lots of Dark Lances, I need something to pop those Raiders fast. Also, I don't want any Orks riding up on me, so I must have something with which to smack them aside.
-Prisms are primary anti-tank and later in the game my anti-everything with the unfocused shot. Orks hate it when you can template bomb them while keeping far away and that's what I intend to do. I also don't want ANY chance of Lelith or a Ravager getting to me, so first thing I want to blow them up.
So obviously the main disadvantage would be in numbers, but the sheer firepower of those Serpents and Avengers ought to count for something. Anyway, pretty generic list, but any comments or suggestions? Give me feedback people!

17th March 2011, 11:16
If you're up against orks and dark eldar most of the time, aren't brightlances a huge point sink for relatively no benefit? I haven't read the dark eldar codex and haven't looked at the ork codex in quite some time, but the only thing I can think of that the lance ability would help against is the ork battlewagon. It seems like scatter lasers or missile launchers would be much more efficient...

17th March 2011, 14:18
If it's to be an allcomers list, you dont know what your going to face, it's better to have the BL's than not have them and need them. Plus they're his main anti-armor weapons.

In all honesty at this points level, you can afford to run with one HQ and put points in Fragons.

Doom w/ BS will only carry you so far, you need some ID stuff in there too, or at least a unit that can really kill things.

17th March 2011, 17:53
Swap out a farseer for 5 fire dragons. (same points cost)

Swap out a fire prism for a falcon w/shuriken cannon (5 points cheaper so your now on 999)

Now you have got melta power so don't need those hugely expensive lance shots.
So swap out the bright lances for Eldar missile launchers as they are vastly more efficient. (30 points back)

So you now have 30 points to spend which I personally will be putting on defend for the avengers but I could also understand getting spirit stones on the falcon and an EML on the falcon instead of the shuriken cannon. That would put you at 994 points total. With 6 points remaining grab your farseer a singing spear for an extra str 9 anti tank shot. annnnd your list is looking very tough.

LIke I was saying last night on IRC you only need 1 doomseer. The key trick is to hit him in places where he only has one unit that will strike back. you doom that unit, wipe it out then mount back up and fly away. Rinse and repeat until victory.
Fire dragons are suicide to be honest. Dump them next to an AV 14 vehicle if anyone brings one and then get killed after you have exploded it. Or dump them next to the biggest most expensive heavily armoured unit in the game and try to explode it. Good candidates are terminators, daemon princes, Monstrous creatures. They usually get assualted after one turn of shooting and die but they have made back there 80 points :p