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Foolish Mortal
4th April 2011, 22:24
Castellan Crowe: 150pts

Purifiers (5): 180pts
Razor Back w/psybolts

GK Terminators (10): 475pts
Brotherhood Banner
2 Psycannons
8 halberds, Daemonhammer on the Justicar
(combat squaded into fighty & shooty: banner and Justicar being fighty, psycannons being shooty. Shooty will be held in Reserve for Deep Striking.)

Storm Raven: 220pts
Teleport Homer
TL Lascannons
TL Multimelta

Dreadnought: 135pts
Assault cannon/TL Autocannon
TL Autocannon

Dreadknight: 240(!)pts
Personal Teleporter
Gatling Psilencer

Tactics are thus: Crowe and the fighty squad are in the Stormraven, along with the dread. The 'raven drops off the dread at an advantageous position first turn (hopefully to later pull some side shots on non-Land Raider vehicals) and next turn heads for the enemy's flank. Once there, the occupants get out and kill the meanest thing they can find (Crowe + Banner = great justice) while their bird hopefully kills/maims an tough target.

The other terminators teleport onto the field to support either the dread (if the enemy takes the bait) or to support the fighty terminators. Hopefully the 'raven will still be around to guide them in, but I'm pretty lucky with Deep Strike rolls so I'm not too worried about deviation if it's not.

The Purifiers either hold my objective, or move up with the Dreadknight and threaten the enemy, encouraging them to A) not shoot my overly-important Stormraven and B) open up shots for the dreadnought. The purifiers head for the most horde-y part of the enemy, and the Dreadknight just wades in where it can, using the Teleporter if neccessary to close.

Strengths: no units that aren't very effective at their roles, while maintaining some flexibility. Lots of mobility.

Weaknesses: I have 16 pair of boots on the ground, 3 not hugely tough vehicles (though Fortitude helps) and the Dreadknight. Not exactly a large army. The Stormraven plays a huge role, perhaps too much so for a 12/12/10 skimmer (though again, Fortitude, ceramic plating, and being a fast skimmer helps).

Comments? Keep in mind, this is the first list I've written with the new 'dex. Don't know the ins and outs yet.

4th April 2011, 23:00
I reckon you might be better off getting rid of the teleporter on the Dreadknight and putting 3 more purifiers in. Makes them better if you want them to take objectives.

5th April 2011, 12:03
If you're taking Crowe as your sole HQ, take more Purifiers. If you're not, take more Troops.

For the Terminators, why not take two squads of 5 with a Banner in each? Far more lulz and such by doing that. Also don't rule out the ability of the standard Sword. That +1 inv in CC is likely to come in handy.

Also, no Homer on the Dreadknight. Epic waste of points. If you must, Deep Strike it in. Also, double up on the Dreads.

5th April 2011, 14:01
The other terminators teleport onto the field

According to the SM FAQ, this doesn't work.

Q: Can you take a Drop Pod with a 10-man squad and
then put a combat squad in it, deploying the other combat
squad on the table, or leave it in reserve but not in the
Drop Pod? (p69)
A: No, because squads that are placed in reserve may not
break down into combat squads.

I agree with EB that those termies would be better off as 2 squads of 5 than 1x10 that breaks down. LD 8 psi powers just suck. (Edit: Opps, forgot they're all ld9) Still though... I <3 msu

Also I'd drop the Bro Banner as it's really just a luxury. Termies should already be beating face right? Use those pts to give the Purifiers some specials.