View Full Version : eldar 1250 newb

9th April 2011, 00:15
Farseer, runes of warding, stones, doom, guide

10 Guardians, scatter laser platform
9 dire avengers + exarch, 2 shurky catapults, bladestorm, farseer, mounted in wave serpant, TL EML, shurkien cannon

5 Fire dragons, mounted in a falcon, EML, holofeids

Fast attack-225----------------------------------------------------------------
8 warp spiders + exarch, death spinner, power blades

Heavy support-270------------------------------------------------------------
Fire prism, prism cannon, TL shurkien catapults
Wraithlord, shurkien catapults, EML + bright lance laser

good points and bad ones?

9th April 2011, 00:52
List works. There are little tweaks you could do like remove the powerblades on the spider exarch for shuriken cannon on the falcon. Another would be to change the catapults on the wraithlord to flamers. I'm not a huge fan of the guardians, but it's not horrible by any means.

10th April 2011, 00:10
Much better than my first noob eldar list :D i had 1750 of almost all aspects one guardian squad and one ranger squad and no transports.
Anyway not a bad list, i agree with TT about skimming points from the spiders and putting a sc on the fire prism, you will hate yourself if you dont because in this list i bet whoever you play will be gunning for that, and you cant afford a weaopn destroyed on a prism without some backup plan. i also agree flamers on the WL.

Troops are solid, dual cat bladestorming dire avengers with a nice doom is your best friend.
I also am not a fan of the guardians but if i had to take them yours are set up how i would. Maybe a home objective camper in cover.
Your dragons are pretty much perfect, i use mine in a serpent usually but thats just to open up a heavy slot.

Seems like a fun mixed Eldar list.