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9th April 2011, 05:36
After a very long break from gaming (Not modeling), I've decided to make this new list. It is supposed to be well rounded, but still close combat centered. I've decided to include my scratch built parasite engine, since I'm surprised at how well it turned out- And those extra pain tokens are amazing. I will try to get into close combat as soon as possible, and if its a objective game I will try to wipe as many enemies as possible before taking a objective. The cronos will enter CC after it uses its weapons, hopefully killing something.

My only concern is the low model count. With 18 wyches, 3 grotesques, cronos and archon I'm running a little low. But it should work out well, assuming I don't get shot down.

Total Points- 990

Archon- 170
/w Husk Blade, Shadow Field, Drugs, WWP

3 Grotesques- 185
/w Liquifier Gun
+Raider /w Night Shields

9 Wyches- 200
/w Hekatrix with Agonizer, Shardnet and Impaler
+Raider /w Night Shields

9 Wyches- 200
/w Hekatrix with Agonizer, Shardnet and Impaler
+Raider /w Night Shields

Heavy Support
Ravager- 125
/w 3 Dark Lances, Flicker Field, Night Shields

Cronos Parasite Engine- 110
/w Spirit Probe, Sprit Vortex

So, that's my list- Still a WIP, but it should work well imo. Model count may be a issue, but I plan to expand to 1500/2000 within the next day or two- I'll go with a webway hard-hitting list for that.

Comments, Advice, and Opinions are always welcome!

9th April 2011, 18:49
Not to double post, but dose it like it will work?