View Full Version : ~1000pt IG Army list: Looking for improvements

13th April 2011, 00:50
I've been playing about with this and lists similar to this one for a while now and I'm looking for any advice or suggestions that you have to make it a more competitive list.

The plan is simple - Gunline platoon/tank with an outflanking attack force

Company Command Squad
Officer with powerfist
2 Veterans with flamers
2 Veterans with laspistols
1 Astropath

Idea is for this squad to tackle incoming squads to at least temporarily protect the gunline. Not sure if: the Astropath is necessary; an officer of the fleet would be better or if the points should be used elsewhere.


Platoon 1

Platoon Command Squad
Heavy bolter

Squad 1
Heavy bolter

Squad 2
Heavy bolter

Squad 3
Missile launcher

Static platoon for defending objectives. Will likely form a combined squad with the heavy bolters if there is favourable cover or the mission is for kill points.

Platoon 2

Platoon Command Squad

Squad 1

Squad 2

Outflanking platoon. Will be used to capture objectives, the command squad will be used for counter charging

Veteran Squad
3 Meltaguns

To be transported in the vendetta to assist in tank hunting or to take out high armour units, e.g. terminators.

Fast attack

Heavy bolters

Heavy support

Leman Russ Battle tank
Heavy bolter sponsons


The list as it is comes to 980 points. I was thinking of dropping the demolitions from the veterans, the astropath and the LRBT sponsons to either take more non-outflanking infantry squads, a hydra, or scout sentinels.

13th April 2011, 02:03
I think if you are going to outflank you need to keep the astropath, that is a must. With that in mind, get the scout sentinals, more outflanking goodness, and while you are at it some penal legion. They can be a pain in the rear end for someone coming in off the board edge. And if possible, try and find some room for a chimera or two to put Al rahem's platoon in. Outflanking chimeras are sweet.

I would also try and get a commissar in the combined platoon somehow, with a power weapon if possible. I find those guys invaluable.

13th April 2011, 11:09
I'm not really sure where the points would come for all of that! I was definitely going to include the penal legion in 1500 pts though.
Are the chimera really necessary for al'rahems platoon? Since they will be fairly close to the enemy troops anyway.

13th April 2011, 14:22
If you got rid of that Leman Russ you would have points for it. I guess at that point level I would try and make a more specialized list that tried to do one thing. The tank is nice, but if an outflanking army is your goal then I would say do it right. And the Chimera's are not necessary for Al Rahem, but they are very nice and add a lot of firepower. The sight of three tanks rolling in off the board edge makes people very nervous.

21st April 2011, 14:15
I always take chimeras for al'rahem otherwise they get shot to pieces also a lot of people i have played either ignore them because there "only chimera" or panic at 3+ outflanking tanks
whatever happens it stops them doing what they wanted