View Full Version : Want To Sell: Need some help pricing my warhammer

14th May 2011, 10:16
Hey , i was wondering if anyone could tell me what price i could expect to get for my warriors of chaos army . It consists of 20 chaos warriors with a champion a standard barer and a musician , they are pretty well painted . Next i have a unit of 5 knights of chaos again champion standard and musician and pretty well painted. and then i have 2 units of marauders , one has 14 marauders with shields a champion standard and musician and are pretty well painted . The other has 13 marauders with flails , champion standard and musician , however these arnt painted there only primed.
ill attach pictures
(apologies for photo quality was taken from my phone =p )
Also i was wondering weather i should sell them all as one or separably?

PS: sorry if i put this in the wrong place or anything this is my first time on this forum

14th May 2011, 22:59
together or sep are both fair options...I suggest sep for what you have. Hard to tell on paint job...but I'd suggest starting around 12-15 USD for each group (double for group of 20). If these are in fact painted really well...you might get a bit more. But since each of these sets costs roughly 20...you won't get much more than 15 for them.,...with good paint, I'd say ~20. Better paint = +$

Granted there are exceptions and these might go for more...but this should give you an idea