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28th September 2011, 00:26
Still working on building my Tomb Kings, had a general opinion question:

How well would 2 LVL 1's fare vs. a LVL 2 in small games? (1000 points or less)

28th September 2011, 00:44
To be honest, there isn't any real difference between them. If you have 2Lv1's you can play a little riskier. For example, roll a double 3 for your magic phase. If you've got a single Lv2 chances are you'll throw 4, then 2 dice, in that order, to make sure you get one spell off, as if you fail to cast the first (target value, not enemy dispel) then the others are wasted. 2 Lv1's with the same spells, you might do 2x3 dice, less chance of one going off, but more chance of 2!

At bigger points, depending on points spare, I'm still favouring the 2Lv1's in addition to my Lv4 over a Lv4/Lv2 combo, so read into that what you will :)

28th September 2011, 01:32
Oh damn why didn't I mention this:

It might be a factor one LVL 1 is my required Hierophant (Lore of Nehek) and the other would be a LVL 1 Lore of Light

28th September 2011, 11:37
Lower value games I would go for the pair as well. If you have the one, it's a high value target, especially if what I saw last time is true for Tomb Kings.

The rest of it on lores, I can't really advise. As with anything there aretrade offs, so work out what works best for you and don't be afraid to be experiment.