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20th August 2008, 18:22
OK, so its been a while since I posted a bug list up, but I've been thinking about it on and off at the back of my mind for a bit. Anyway, this is what I've come up with, and this is, once again, how I envisage bugs to be - lots of the little critters! :D

See below for new list

Vivi - "Edited the Title Eds"

21st August 2008, 13:05
looks nice

but you're missing the second bio-weapon for your warriors

Consider dropping one of the spinegaunt broods; partially for the points needed to get that manditory second weapon on the warriors (spinefists would prolly be the best option to keep them on the cheap) as well as for the points to equip 'without numbers' on a brood (or two if you split one to keep all six troop slots filled, might even have enough points to bump the split groups' models up a few each) Opponent will have to rethink shooting gaunts - either shoot through them and give the group behind that 4+ cover or kill the one in front and watch it come back over and over

21st August 2008, 13:53
tut tut your list doesn't follow the rules stickied at the top of this page :smt011

although i have to say, i'd hate to be trying to take objectives from 120 spinegaunts :)

i like it, it's how i envidage bugs to be too :D

21st August 2008, 14:02
Your hive needs Toxin Sacs and Enhanced senses. Remove the tusks and spinebanks from your fexes to get them.

You need a second weapon for your warriors.

21st August 2008, 14:47
Gah, missed that part. Oversight on my part.

Will look into it and rework.

Edit - reworked list.

Hive Tyrant, Wings, Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs, 2 * TL Devourers, Warp Field.
= 190

Warriors * 10, Extended Carapace * 10, Deathspitters * 8, Venom Cannon * 2, Spinefists *10.
= 284 (note, still 2 squads of 5 here)

Spinegaunts* 120.
= 600.

Heavy Support:-
Zoanthropes * 3, Synapse * 3, Warp Blast * 3.
= 195

Carnifex * 2, Spine Banks * 2, 4 * TL Devourers, Toxin Sacs * 2.
= 232.

Grand Total = 1501

22nd August 2008, 18:15
Nudge? :?

22nd August 2008, 20:00
Toxin sacs does not affect spinebanks nor Devourers. They are not needed. Fexes can't shoot the spinebanks and both TL devourers in the same turn. so drop them. Both the fexes and the Hive need Enhanced Senses.

23rd August 2008, 01:46
My only beef on your list is with your warrior squads. Why do you have two different guns symbiotes on them??? I thought that warriors could only fire one or the other. Aside from that I think your list is solid.

23rd August 2008, 01:59
actually spine banks can be fired in addition to any other weapons;
as for the toxin sacs, true they don't help the fex much since the guns have str caps; if you know you're going against monoliths (or even land raiders) S10 is preferred, against any other vehicle S9 works sinces the current rules have you close combating against rear armor values

I agree that the fexes could do with enhanced senses; even though the banks and devourers are twin-linked needing 5+ isn't much help in shooting
the tyrant doesn't really need senses, but if you can find the points it's that much better.

true warriors can only fire one gun at a time, but to save on points spinefist are cheaper then equiping any of the CC weapon options since they don't have toxin sacs.