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24th August 2008, 06:51
Hi, I'm new here and am starting Eldar. I have made this 1000pt ulthwe list and would appreciate feedback on how to improve it/your opinions/etc.

Seer Council: 2 Farseer, 3 Warlocks
Farseer w/ Fortune
Farseer w/ Guide
Warlock w/ Embolden
Warlock w/ Embolden
Warlock w/Enhance
Total: 260pts

7 Howling Banshees w/ Exarch
Wave Serpent
Twin-linked Starcannon
Total: 275pts

Fast Attack:
4 Swooping Hawks w/ Exarch
Total: 153pts

12 Black Guardians
Warlock w/ Conceal
Scatter Laser
Total: 151pts
12 Black Guardians
Warlock w/ Conceal
Total: 166pts
TOTAL: 1005pts

I like Ulthwe fluff so I took a Seer Council and Guardians. I figure I'll use the Brightlance for big vehicles and the swooping hawks for lighter vehicles. The banshees will assault whatever has high armour and the scatter laser guardians will attack lighter targets.

24th August 2008, 08:09
drop one of the farseers and get a squad of either dark reapers or storm guardians, your missing alot of anti tank here so i say reapers with an exarch missile launcher and fast shot

24th August 2008, 16:22
I don't see the point for the Swooping Hawks. In my experience they haven't worked well. Granted I was probably using them wrong. But, I do think those points could be better spent on more Guardians. Also- If each Farseer only has one power why not drop one and save extra points? So you don't have as much flexibilty- oh well you can get more units. You could have one more powerful Farseer- like with doom, guide, and fortune I suppose. Also- why 2 Warlocks with embolden? Why not give one destructor? Lastly, you really do need some more anti-tank. What about a Fire Prism? Dark Reapers are ok too, but I just have something about Fire Prisms. They're awesome. And I like the use of Howling Banshees. Good.

24th August 2008, 20:22
Ok, I guess I need some more anti tank, Thank you for your responses :).

24th August 2008, 20:46
I suggest a FirePrism also, they have SuperFire Power for tanks or Troops, plus you can really soup them up and still be a much lower poinst cost then DarkReapers who will suck up about 1/4 of your 1,000 points for 5 w/ Exarch at least. I just dropped my DarkReapers for that reason I filled out my Guardian squads a little more with the extra points I had.