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24th August 2008, 16:39
I am new in this forum, and I wanted to introduce myself by expose my Blood Angels army list. It's mainly for fighting ork players.

1000pts :

HQ :
Chaplain, PF, plasma pistol, jump packs. 160 pts

Troops :
2 X 5 assault space marines, sergent with power fist. 330 pts

Elite :
3 + 2 Death company marines, jump packs. 85 pts

Support :
5 Devastators, 4 lascannons. 290 pts
1 Baal predator with Heavy Bolters. 125 pts
Total 995 pts
Chaplain with death company squad for big offence.
Rapid units, good offense.

Should I remplace the Devastators with Veteran assault ?

Please gives your advices, thoughts and impressions.

24th August 2008, 20:09
No but you should replace the LasCannons with Heavy Boltguns.
How are you using Assault Marines as troops?

24th August 2008, 21:59
the assault troops went troop choices in the last Blood angel codex

25th August 2008, 02:27
Yeah, it's a troop choice.
Heavy bolters instead of lascannons ? not a bad idea. But the last time i played my devastators were very useful against the looted tank. Because if i get heavy bolters, i will do an average of 5- 7 orks dead in 1 turn ( praticarly nothing ! ) so i prefer taking my lascannons and destroy easily all tanks, orks helis and mega armored nobs.

any other thoughts ?

Red Devil
25th August 2008, 10:35
I'd definitely swap the Devs for the VAS. Used a VAS squad a number of times now and they more than make up their points. Also, IMHO, they are more fluffy.

If you want big guns, for the points you could go for 5 ABs with MMs or a bike squad with 2 Meltas and attach an AB?? MUCH more devastating!