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26th August 2008, 18:08
Just wondering what the forum thinks of this army list:

Chaplain-Master of sanctity, jump pack, bolt pistol, furious charge, frag-130pts

Dreadnought- Twin linked lascannon, extra armour, power fist with storm bolter-130pts

10xTactical- 1x multimelta,1x flamer, frags, srg has CCW&BP, 7x bolters-176pts
10xtactical- 1x missile launcher, srg has CCW&BP, frags, 8x bolters-170pts
10xTactical-1x Lascannon, frags, srg has CCW&BP, 8x bolters-175pts
5xtactical- 1x plasma cannon, 1x plasma gun, srg has CCW&BP, 2x bolters, frags-110pts
5xScouts- 5x snipers, frags-100

10xAssault- 2x plasma pistols, srg has terminator honours & power weapon, furious charge-290pts
3xBikes-2x Melta guns-116pts
Thoughts and comments are welcome.

Red Devil
26th August 2008, 21:57
Not a bad list, to be fair. Not too dissimilar to a list I ran for a bit before turning BA successor.

General things really:

Dread with TL LC is going to be shooty - I'd find the points from somewhere (maybe the PPs on the Ass Sqd) to get in ML

I personally wouldn't mix a MM with a Flamer in a tactical squad. Throw in a MG or PG instead

Not been reading the rumours on the new SM dex, but a 5-man squad in BA and DA cannot take heavy weapon and special weapon. If this list is to have legs, then review that (if new SM dex goes the same way).

I'd definitely try and get a PF on the vet serg is the Ass Sqd - give it some real bite (I'm assuming Chap joins this squad??). New CC rules are PF friendly

26th August 2008, 22:35
I have looked at putting ML with TLLC but i have been told to mix it up as well as keep those two together so i am still not sure. as for the flamer i am thinking of taking that out all together range is no good and that will free up some points for the ML on the dread. and lastly the PF, i see the benefits of it but i am looking at keeping this squad as a gorilla style fighting tactics, get in get out. and i think the PF with initiative 1 is no good for this strategy. Plus with the new rule that you can't consolidate into CC, i think that the PF will just keep me in CC to long. Plus he might not even last long enough to even get an attack off, but i am not too familiar with this weapon, and don't really know its potential.

Red Devil
27th August 2008, 07:19
Trust me - the PF is worth it. It can tip the combat in your favour and will actually help more than a PW in wiping out the squad you're laying the smack down on. As for getting to hit, as long as your squad isn't wiped out to a man (and its unlikely with 10 men) will will at least get one go. If you charge he'll be S9 with re-rolls from the Chap. That can be enough to tip any combat in your favour. Also helps taking out armour as well!

27th August 2008, 17:31
KK i'll look at upgrading to a PF if it is that much better, in your experience. but other wise how does the list look.

Red Devil
27th August 2008, 19:29
KK i'll look at upgrading to a PF if it is that much better, in your experience. but other wise how does the list look.

Everything is worth a try, even if its not for you. Like I said, a good, solid list IMHO. I now go with PFs, which is annoying when I put power swords on all vet sergs to be fluffy (sword in chapter symbol)!