View Full Version : [540pts][Orks (LGS ABR Build 'n Bash)][either]

28th August 2008, 22:51
So my LGS is having a midnight Build 'n Bash for the release of Assault on Black Reach starter set. So here's the list i'm useing for the Orks. This list includes the Nob in the latest White Dwarf (first and only one i'm ever going to buy).

Power Klaw
'eavy Armor
TL Shoota
Total= 95pts

Nobz Mob
Nobz X6
Big Choppas X6
'eavy Armor X6
Total= 180pts

Boyz Mob
Boyz X18
Boyz with Big Shoota X2
Total= 130pts

Deff Kopta Mob
Deffkoptas X3
TL Rokkit Launchas X3
Total= 135pts