View Full Version : [1500pts][Bad Moons Orks][Friendly]

29th August 2008, 02:37
So here's the 1500pt list i can make once the New starter set comes out.


Warboss Goldtoof Thrakan
Power Klaw
Gold Plated TL Shoota
'eavy Armor
Cybork Body
Total= 105

Big Mek Screwhamma
Kostom Force Field
'eavy Armor
Total= 90pts


Loota Mob "Git Blastas"
Mek with Kostom Mega-Blasta X2
Loota X8
Total= 150pts


Boyz Mob "Deff Gunnas"
Nob, PK, Shoota
Shoota Boyz X29
Total= 215pts

Boyz Mob "Gob Smashas"
Nob, PK
Slugga/Choppa Boyz X29
Total= 215pts

Boyz Mob "Ead Krushas"
Nob, PK
Slugga/Choppa Boyz X29
Total= 215pts

Deff Dread Slogg
Rokkits X2
Total= 95pts

Fast Attack

Deff Kopta Mob "Zoomin 'awks"
Deff Koptas X4
TL Rokkits X4
Total= 180pts

Warbuggy Mob "Slow Ridas"
Warbuggies X2
TL Rokkits X2
Total= 70pts

Heavy Support

Battlewagon "Pie Launcha"
Kill Kannon
'ard Case
Total= 165pts

List total= 1500pts

29th August 2008, 22:21
Looks pretty good. I like your troops choices and the characters. Youve got plenty of Rokkit-Launchas in there so that should work okay against enemy tanks and armour. But I am curious: who rides in the Battlewagon?

29th August 2008, 23:01
Nothing rides in it right now, but i like the pie plates it throws, and i don't have anything else to add model-wise. At 2K points it might have burnas in it.