View Full Version : 1499 Daemon Friendly

30th August 2008, 15:38
Ku'gauth =300
Bloodthirster, unholy might, blessing of the blood god= 295
Bloodcrusher x8 =320
Bloodletters x10 =160
Bloodletters x9 =144
Flammers of Tzeentch x8 =280
total 1499

30th August 2008, 16:11
No icons? Your scatter dice love you much?

30th August 2008, 16:18
Not much Anti tank. The bloodthirster? I'm always wary that I won't have enough tank killing power. Perhaps some screamers?

31st August 2008, 00:11
i forgot to say that i use this aginst my friends necron army i dont go after the monolith i just go at his troops to phase him out

31st August 2008, 17:45
A Bloodthirster with Unholy Might makes for some pretty great anti-tank. Any Greater Daemon is good anti-tank, especially Bloodthirster and Lords of Change. You may not want to use Ku'Gath in an army of this size though. Switching out for a regular GUO with Breath of Chaos leaves you some extra points that should be spent on Fiends..........