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6th September 2008, 21:49
This is an army I've been working on for over 2 years. I haven't played much with them and its not all built yet.

I have 3 HQ's to Choose from. I'll be using the Prince because I like him the most but I figured I'd show you guys the other 2 models I've made to see what ya think.

Daemon Prince: Jump Pack(wings), Marke of Slanesh, Lash of Submission. 155pts

Chaos Lord: Terminator Armour, Combi Weapon, Daemon Weapon. 150pts
Chaos Sorcerer: Familiar, Personal Icon, Melta Bombs, Mark of Slanesh, Doombolt, Lash of Submission. 150pts

7 Plague Marines: 2 plasma guns, Personal Icon, Plague Champion w/ Combi-weapon(flame or plasma) + melta bombs. 226pts.
Should go with a power fist just in case or just keep them shooty

8 Khorne Beserkers: Champion w/ powerfist 208pts.
Edit: I was just thinking that I could swap this squad for another 7plague marines, 2 flamers,a power fist champ and then slap it in a rhino. and it would only be 4pts more

5 Lesser Daemons 65

1 Obliterator 75pts
1 Obliterator 75pts

799pts with Lord or Sorc
804pts with Prince

I have 5 more lesser Daemons I could throw in for filler and I can make 4 more Beserkers and I'm converting my Plague Marines from basic CSM so I can make a bunch more of them.
I was also thinking of making a 5man Raptor squad with 2 meltaguns and have them run along with the Daemon Prince.

Now I do have a problem:
I have this Chaos Predator, unbuilt and the plastic is Totally warped so it will be awesome for a Daemonic Possessed vehicle. I'm just not sure If I should make it into a Predator(and what to equip it with), a rhino, or a Vindicator. If I make it into a Rhino then I'm going to see about getting a Defiler or slap in those Chaos Raptors.

I want this list to be wysiwyg and fluffyish/cool looking - which is why my vehicle is possessed. I want my lesser Daemons in the list because I bought the damn models and i'm gonna use them! :)

Edit: I'm a little worried about the number of models I have and the survivability of my army, which is kinda why I like Plague Marines.

13th September 2008, 18:20
yeh add the predator swap the beserkers for plague marines and if you havn't bought them yet swap out the lesser demons. There ok for tieing down a unit for a turn or two but another obliterator wouldn't hurt.

13th September 2008, 18:40
See I think just another obliterator is a waste- its an easy kill point and they just don't work well for me. Granted, I'm, probably using them wrong :mrgreen: I would say add in the other 5 Lesser Daemons because Dameons are great, and they'll help your model count and your troops for scoring units. Also, turn the predator into a Vindicator if you can, that's the best of those options. I have a Predator and I find myself wishing it was a Vindicator.

15th September 2008, 18:33
I would use the Daemon Prince as your HQ, give both the Plague Marine and the Berserker units a Rhino each, then use 10-15 Lesser Daemons. That should get to around 1000 points I think. I would keep the two Obliterators though.

connor the cleaved
15th September 2008, 23:33
You should bring along at least 1 unti of 10 chaos space marines for your army to form a base of which to build upon! Try to give them a flamer and missle launcher!

That would be kick ass!