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10th September 2008, 06:30
Correction: This is a Cities of Death list not a Cityfight, I didnt realize there was a difference.

My friends and I have been playing a lot of cityfight lately and I have recently picked up the IG codex and so far am just proxying the army deciding if I want to buy into this.

-Light Infantry
-Iron Discipline
-Special Weapons Team

Junior Officer
-2x Plasma Gun
-IG Vetran Upgrade + Medic
-Commisar w/Power Weapon
-Iron Discipline
-Light Infantry
- 166 points -

0 of 1 Special Weapons Team
3x Melta
10 Cameleoline
10 Light Infantry
- 100 points -

9x Storm Troopers + Sergeant
2x Melta-gun
- 135 points -

Techpriest with 4x Techinical Servitors
- 85 points -

1st Platoon
4x (Imp Guard sqad w/ Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun, Vox, Light Infantry and Cameleoline)
- 420 points -

2nd Platoon
4x (Imp Guard sqad Melta Gun, Vox, Light Infantry and Cameleoline)
- 380 points -

Heavy Support
Basalisk w/ Indirect Fire
Basalisk w/ Indirect Fire
LRBT with Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter and Heavy Bolter Sponsons
- 405 points -

Fast Attack
3x Sentinals with 2x Lascannons and 1 Multi-Laser
- 155 Points -

3x Sentinals with 2x Lascannons and 1 Multi-Laser
- 155 Points -

Total Points 2001

What I planed on doing was to infiltrate most of the troops into positions I want them near objectives so that the First Infantry Platoon would already be in position and not have to move much with their heavy weapons mostly for taking out enemy troops. The Second Infantry Platoon would have the freedom to move around and still shoot all of their guns with some Anti-Armour capabilitys with the Melta gun.

I would use the storm troopers for some Anti-armour and the ability to take a few more shots out in the open if I needed a unit to get out of its cover.

Fast Attack Sentinals would attempt to outflank and take out as much armour as they could from the rear.

Basalisks and the LRBT would sit back and do what they do best and the Techpriest would do his best to keep them going for as long as possible.

My HQ I dont expect to do much except stay alive and give the troops the ability to re-roll failed morale saves.

Over all with the Cameleoline capes/armour with all my troops in buildings and in cover they should all have 3+ cover saves and if I keep my HQ in a fortified building he should have a 2+ cover save (3+ from the building and +1 more from the Cameleoline).

Most of my army will start out on the battle field with the infiltrate from the Light Infantry Doc so I am a little worried about my HS sitting in the back alone.