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11th September 2008, 20:17
Hello everyone,

Been dusting off some of my titans and war machines, a friend of mine wanted to do a weekend bbq and play a massive Apocolapyse. (He's been bragging about his 5 Baneblades and a Shadowsword.) He knows I have titans and he just ordered a Mars Pattern Warhound from Forge World.

I'm thinking of bringing a HUGE noise in the fight, but silently assembling my Eldar Army. Giving you a choice as if participating in it, which should I bring from this list:

5 Phantom Titans
2 Warlock Titans
1 Scorpion Super Heavy
2 Cobra Super Heavy
2 Revenant Titans
2 Brightstallion Titans
5 Knights

Why choose coz we have to have an army composition with it minimum of 3.5k size.

11th September 2008, 20:39
To much choice....

Choose what you want :smt002