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raging pacifist
14th September 2008, 06:07
etheral w/ hw drone controller, 2 gun drones

3 teams of 3 xv8 with 3 shas'vre
airbursting frag proj (team 1)
plasma rifles
missile pods
stimulant injector (team 2)
iridium armor (team 3)
hardwired drone controllers
shield drones
gun drones
bonding knives

2 teams of 12 firewarriors w/ shas'ui w/ knives
all with photon nades

2 hammerheads with railguns & burst cannons 300

10 kroot w/ 2 kroot hounds w/ 1 shaper 103
(infiltrating if mission permits)

So basically I want to build a tau army as cheaply as possible. :D

14th September 2008, 17:38
I would normally say drop the photon grenades but since you Kroot then photon grenades can be helpfull.

If your gonna use kroot then get more hounds. The hounds make the kroot a viable close combat choice. Without them you will probably loose combat everytime.

And you NEED upgrades on your hammerheads. Disruption pod is a must have. Target lock and decoy launchers are pretty good too.

15th September 2008, 16:23
Your list is a little hard to read, but from what I can see I well say to drop the Iridium Armour (slows you down, Shields are better), and Photon Grenades (24pts that can go somewhere better).

I'd Max out the Kroot if you can(I run 16 Kroot including Shaper), if you want CC goodness then go for hounds first, if you want balance than max out Kroot first... Hammerheads (as been said) Need Disruption Pods, and Multi-trackers.

And Every Tau army must include one Commander...

Also as a suggestion you could drop the XV8 teams to groups of two, and that way you won't need the bonding knives with them.