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1st March 2009, 14:41
This probably applies to most SMs who have a range of loadout options, but can the Champion have a Stormshield, Powersword and Storm Bolter?

The reason I ask is the storm shield is listed seperately from the other kit options and I think it would be a great looking model to see him wondering down the field blasting away at things with a SS to protect him lol

LT Claws
1st March 2009, 16:33
you can if you wish! little pricey but but defiantly a nice looking model [=

1st March 2009, 17:04
Actually you can't. Neither the Company Champion nor the Apothecary are "Veteran" for the purpose of buying upgrades in the command squad section. This per John Spencer from GW customer service email. Don't know who he is, but he is the guy that answered the email I sent in.

1st March 2009, 17:06
But isnt the champ an upgraded Vet, so surely he has gone through the training to use the kit already lol

1st March 2009, 17:09
Here is what I sent in.

In the space marine codex on the command squad for a captain. It says, "Any Veteran may replace his chainsword and/or bolt pistol with:" then lists options.

My question is does the company champion count as a veteran? He is upgraded from one but no longer called a veteran and has a different stat line.

Second part. Is the apothecary a veteran? He isn't called a veteran, isn't an upgraded version of a veteran, but is in the command squad and has the same stat line as a veteran.

Here is what I got back.

In both cases, no. They cannot take any of the ‘veteran’ upgrades.


John Spencer
Customer Service Specialist

1st March 2009, 20:17
But with a combat shield, a unit has the option of 2 free hands allowing for a possible second weapon...not certain if this can or cannot work with the champion

2nd March 2009, 00:47
Just give him the stuff then upgrade him, no where does it say anything abou him loosing or replacing his weapons.