1. Ork Codex wishlisting

    While the Orks have already had a codex in 7th edition, let's point out that the Eldar really didn't need an update and that the Imperial Knights, if they're getting another update this soon, probably didn't need a book back when they got one.
    So, looking back, the Ork codex does appear to be underwhelming to some degree and so I decided to make a list of things that I would personally like to see change.
    I want to keep this short, so I'm forming it into a top 10, instead of getting ...
  2. Codex: Rebel Grots: Kommittee Coffers

    Every new book seems to have this section - a handful of items that you can only take one of each of in your army.
    These are the current ones I'm thinking of putting into the playtest version of the Rebel Grot codex for 7th.


    Locked up tight in a highly secret mobile vault, the whereabouts of which is only fully known to those aboard, are the treasures of the Kommittee coffers.
    These items, each an outstanding and unique
  3. Codex: Rebel Grots: Raiding Party Formation

    Given that I'm working on this project well into 7th now, anf Formations are apparantly a thing you get one of in your codex (at least, the Ork one only has one...), I have decided to include a Rebel Grot formation in the form of the Raiding Party.
    It's small, light, fragile, but it should be able to maneuver around and give enemies a real fight

    The formation is simply 1 Head Honcho, 8 units of Gretchin, 2 units of Old Gard Vetz and 2 units of Big Luggas.
    The restriction ...
  4. Codex: Rebel Grots: 7th edition talk, perhaps help request.

    Well, the Ork codex I was waiting for has finally arrived. Now we know exactly how a 7th edition codex should be laid out - and you know what? It's easier than before now.
    I can probably begin organising and editing the entries over the coming week. The style lends itself well to copycat nature.
    It also means I can balance against the Ork codex, as the Rebel Grots are, after all, designed to fight against that one more than any other.
    This does mean that some of what ...
  5. Codex: Rebel Grots: Warlord Traits

    You know, Warlord Traits are weird. It's a random dice roll on a bunch of abilities that may or may not be useful depending on how you play.
    Anyway, here's what I came up with for the Rebel Grots - Two tables, one representing Mork and one representing Gork. Names for the two trees and their abilities are pending, but the abilities are as follows:

    Cunning -
    1. Night Fighting.
    2. Warlord and his unit have Outflank.
    3. One unit within 12 inches of the ...
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