Corey Bartol

  1. I am so happy i decided to get back into the swing of things.

    It has been way too long since i decided to sit down and paint.
    Last night i sat sown and built me a bran new emperors champion(custom)
    It feels good.Accomplishing things for a change.

    So many projects i have now i dont know where to start.
    imperial knight (2)
    contemptor dreadnaught
    Metal termies (12)
    few various marines i want to make with ...

    Updated 12th April 2016 at 11:44 by Corey Bartol

  2. Im obsessed

    I have been painting alot lately but sence the new maps for cod black opps are out and i get a new zombie mode its been in my head.
    decided to make up a gametype for fun based of the cod nazi zombie gametype
    not complete but im working on it
    probably have alot of spelling errors and i prolly worded things horrable
    but please correct me on anything and give me some advice
    this is only about half the rules of the game theres alot more map based stuff im going to add ...
  3. i got to thinking today(it hurts)

    instaild of just painting random crap i mite as well make up a base army and see if i cant make my army starting at 500 pts
    so i came up with this

    emperors champion 90 pts

    troop 1
    bolt rifles 16
    krak grenades 2
    and seals 2
    total 100

    troop 2
    chainsword/bolt pistol 16
    krak ...
  4. Gonna be a good day

    Completed my first full squad today
    sorry about the moronic resize
    im rather proud of it though
    but its still not realy playable till i get some close range arms or something
    My next project is going to be a squad of terminaters with storm bolters and chain fists.
    Or im not sure but if i get my dreadnaught in i mite paint that up
    regardless there what im doing next.

    I also got in ...

    Had something funny happin to me thismorning.
    I went out to get my termie out of green today and found out that the green had frozen solid.My poor termie was looking at my through a chunk of solid ice lol.
    I promptly smashed the ice off of the corner of my house and screamed freedom.
    my neighbors are troubled lol
    (i thought i would have to resoke him in fresh green but the paint just fell off so were all good)

    Well anyway i went on an ebay and bought a shitton ...
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