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  1. Gamer Give - Last Chance To Lend Your Support

    At midnight tonight, all the Gifts of Mork Gamers Give Auctions will go live on eBay, Once they are live (and I have some sleep) I will post all the auction titles and ID's for you to look at and hopefully bid on.

    So its your last chance to let us know that you will be supporting the event by listing an item to sell on eBay for charity.

    Finally all that is left to say, is a big thank you those of you that have donated items for auction, your kindness and generosity ...
  2. Gamers Give Event - Dakka Dakka Lends A Helping Hand.

    Im very pleased to say that Dakka Dakka's Yakface (Jon) has very kindly given Gifts of Mork's Gamers Give event a prime spot on their home page.

    Those of you that frequent Dakka Dakka could not of helped noticed the huge Gifts of Mork logo on their home page, with a little bit of information about the GoM movement, we are hoping that this will help to drive lots of traffic to our blog and more importantly our auctions when they go live on Friday.

    As always its not too ...

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  3. Gifts of Mork Gamers Give, Is It Worth It?

    As we get close to the start of the Gamers Give, I have found myself being so caught up in the organising of it all that I thought I would sit back and take time to reflect on why I am doing all this.

    The last couple of weeks has seen me hunched over a laptop computer, blogging like crazy, e-mailing anyone and everyone I think could help us out, posting on forums anywhere I have permission to advertise the event, contacting companies all over to try and drum up support, designing ...

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  4. GoM News - Fantastic News From eBay/Mission Fish

    I have just had the following message from eBay/Mission Fish.

    Hi Ellis,

    Good to hear from you and great to hear your plans are coming together.
    If you could perhaps send me a link to all the GOM items live from the 23rd September, I’ll put this up on our social media sites.
    All the best with the fundraising – a fun idea and hopefully it will raise a great amount too. Congrats.
    All the Best,


    Ria Fleming

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  5. GoM News - And still they come, Another supporter has just signed up today

    We are very pleased to let you all know that Steve and the team of ThinkWargames have decided to jump aboard the battle wagon of giving and have pledged a donation of some more metal blisters to be auctioned of during the Gamers Give auctions.

    More about what exactly they will be donating to us in due course, and in my best Terry Wogan voice, I will would like to take the chance to remind you all, there is still time to get your items ready for auction, but most important of all tell ...

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