Gifts of Mork

  1. GoM News: Four More Gamers Give Auctions To Help Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research.

    Another kind and anonymous donation arrived today from a member of 40kforums, the birth place of Gifts of Mork.

    We are very pleased to see such fantastic support from the members of 40kforums, and really appreciate everyone's effort made, to ensure this event is a success.

    We now have four, yes I said four £10.00 Games Workshop Virtual Gift Vouchers that will be auctioned during the Gifts of Mork Gamers Give eBay Charity Auction Event, starting on September ...

    Incomming message from Grubby the Gift Giving Ork.

    "Ello All Grubby Ere.

    Ive been talking to da guyz running these ere awkshuns on your ebay fing, Dey tell me dat its only 6 dayz till it all kicks off.

    Dey want it all to go wiv a BIG BANG, I luv fings kicking off and dem big bangs! oh and Dakka Dakka, I luv all big loud soundz really.

    Anywayz what I'm trying to tell ya Iz urry up and let em know what it iz you are going to be awkshuning ...
  3. Call to Arms - eBay Auction Page Designer Wanted.

    I know this is a bit late in the game, but we would love to hear from anyone who is able to design HTML pages for eBay auctions.

    We would love to have a unique Gifts of Mork eBay auction page, featuring some cool images of Ork symbols, Ork style colour schemes and featuring of course the Gifts of Mork Logo/Banner.

    I intend to create a Gifts of Mork Charity Seller ID for eBay very soon, and we would love to have all Gift of Mork eBay items to have a fantastic Ork theme. ...
  4. Gifts of Mork Blog Website Update & Gamers Give eBay Event

    Hello all its Ellis(Deeks2010) Big Boss for UK/Europe.

    As Arch is busy with things in the real world (Work) I thought I would take a bit of time to update you all with what Gifts of Mork have been up to lately for all of you who don't know.

    As most of you know we have launched our own blog site Gifts of Mork and we would absolutely love for all of our followers on 40kforums to move come and visit it there, and join us as members. We will still keep a presence here on
  5. New Blogging Website and Other Fun Devices

    In the last few weeks the officers of GoM and I have been setting up a few things away from 40k Forums. It's not that we don't love it here, we honestly do...these guys are our family and have helped us immensely. However we feel we have a bit more freedom to spread and really get involved with the working of other blogs and groups by moving to a more open site. I will continue to maintain this page in some regard, after working it out with Andy, but we ask that you make the change with us to our ...
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