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  1. Once more into the breach, dear gobs

    We are coming quickly upon the holiday season, and I believe we as a group should do something to help out those who don't get as much holiday cheer as the rest of us might.

    While I'd love to organize some grand effort to supply inner city schools or poor children with all the models they could ever want...I think it's an undertaking for which we are not yet ready.

    Instead I simply make a request: Give some Holiday Hobby Loving!

    I'm also organizing Hobbies ...
  2. Copies of email receipts from eBay mission fish - downloads available.

    For your information, please find below copies of the 3 emails I recieved from Mission Fish confirming my Donation Payments from the eBay charity auction event. ...
  3. Gift of Mork eBay Charity Auction Event Totals (So Far)

    Well here we are, our first ever charity event has finished (sort of), there are a couple of still running.

    I would like to take this chance to thank all of you who supported this, especially those of you that donated items to be auctioned.

    In particular:

    Brother Michael
    The Bitz Box
    Total Wargamer
    Commissar Dave

    With their donations, combined with my donations we were able to ...
  4. GoM News - Less than 3 days to go left on the auctions.

    Its less than 3 days to go on our Gifts of Mork - Gamers Give eBay Chairy Auctions, and all seems to be going to plan so far.

    There are still some items that are awaiting a bid, but every item has a large number of watchers, sitting waiting to bid.
    I say to you guys, "BID NOW" get those bids in, these are charity auction items, be generous dig deep and bid away, we need every penny that you can spare, lets make this event a success.

    At present ...
  5. GOM News - Gamers Give Charity Auctions Now Live On eBay Stop reading this and go bid

    The time is upon us, we at Gifts of Mork are very proud to announce our first ever Gamers Give event, I have now listed all the items that I have been donated to the event, and we are hoping that others around the world will do like wise and the event is well supported.

    So here are the auction details of the items I have listed:

    Warhammer 40k Assault on Black Reach Space Marine Ultramarines Dreadnought

    Warhammer LOTR Mordor Orc Command BNIB
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