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  1. venerable bolter's Avatar

    I just read this by coincidence, and I must say, I have been one big fool since I came here. I guess I was stressed out when you broke into what I foolishly thought of as some kind of personal haven, where I controlled and the others obeyed.
    Let's call it the Norwegian train of thought. At some points, being greedy, stubborn and dominant is essential for survival.
    My dad is cancer-sick, and had cancer cells in brain, lounges and hip. The brain has been cured, but there is a high danger the cancer will return. For now, dad's come home, but... I never got to get 100% known with him. We never played together. There also is my mother-in-law, Maureen... A real tiger mom.
    For the time being, I live in Oslo with my biological mom, liv berit, who is poor. You know I'm 14, and by now I have studied in 3 schools. At the first two, I was crowded, ironically, first by a girl, and then by immigrant children. I was no nerd then, but I turned into one, dunno when. To be honest, at some points, I'm some kind of nerd bibliotecary.
    Read this well. I must also inform of the fact that I have asperger syndrome. If you don't know what it is, look it up on Wikipedia.
  2. Architech's Avatar
    Adding my personal thanks. It's hard to be more proud than I am now.

    Deeks, thank you so much for taking point on this.

    Michael, thank you for donating such wonderful models to great causes.

    Everyone else, you did a great job raising some much needed cash for charity!

    So as we look to the future...I'm putting out a call for talented miniature painters who will have time to paint something for around xmas/new year.
  3. Michael's Avatar
    Yeah, the auctions look great! Nice work.
  4. Architech's Avatar
    I have something for us. Give me a bit to settle, and maybe hop on chat one day to talk to me live. But there's 2 options I'd like to explore based on the success of this event

    Also I think I'll have a few copies of Dreadfleet for use at different times...don't hold me to that though
  5. Deeks2010's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Salag
    I love how you've done the layout of all the auctions, it looks great. Good effort Deeks!
    Took a little bit of tinkering around to get them to look right, you should of seen me when I went to post them all live last night at midnight, I opened turbo Lister and all the listings has gone! after much swearing, I realised I was on Michelle's computer and not mine where all the listings were saved! what a plonker! I thought I was going to have to sit and do them all again at midnight!

    They are up now so mission accomplished, I don't think there are any others on eBay's other sites, I haven't seen any yet, but fingers crossed.

    The next question is what do we do for Christmas?

    We need to get our thinking caps on, I wanted to do something for kids in hospital over Christmas, but don't know what yet.

    I have one idea, but I will have to work it out a bit before I offer it up for a decision.

  6. Deeks2010's Avatar
    Originally Posted by andyg
    I joined the site a bit late to donate with models. Can I do anything to help this cause.

    I am planing to bid on some of these items even though I dont need them, but it is such a great cause to support
    Yes please do bid away, or alternatively you could just make a donation to the charity of your choice via eBay for charity,

    Simply go to eBay for charity - Browse Charities Page HERE

    Search for a charity you want to donate for, then once you have found the charity you want pres the VIEW button on the right hand side of the screen.

    Once you arrive at the charities own page you will see in the centre of the screen three tabs, marked; Buy, Sell, and Donate Now.

    Select the donate now, and the rest is up to you how much you want to donate, all we ask is if you do this you let us know via a PM how much you donated and which charity you chose to support, we can then tally everyones donations and auction sale prices up and see how much gamers raised for charity in just one day.

  7. andyg's Avatar
    I joined the site a bit late to donate with models. Can I do anything to help this cause.

    I am planing to bid on some of these items even though I dont need them, but it is such a great cause to support
  8. Salag's Avatar
    I love how you've done the layout of all the auctions, it looks great. Good effort Deeks!
  9. Architech's Avatar
    I wish to convey my personal thanks to everyone who has added something to this event. I could not be more proud of this movement, than I was when I saw people helping out.

    Thank you, everyone.
  10. Architech's Avatar
    All it takes is one mote of happiness for the downhearted
  11. Michael's Avatar
    Sounds great!
  12. Architech's Avatar
    It's important to note that we probably can't use GW symbols and stuff for this. We're already pushing the edge with the word Mork

    But for this, we want to make sure we come up with our own stuff.

    Thank you to everyone who continues to support our efforts, and Thank you to Deeks for taking point on this
  13. LanceWarrior's Avatar
    Looking at the website I have a suggestion - adsense, I'm not sure how much money it gets but every little helps, and I've noticed it's currently not there.
  14. edmundblack's Avatar
    Whenever you need the click, just give the nod.
  15. bingbop2's Avatar
    Congatz winner's
  16. Salag's Avatar
    Hehe those were some great reads!
    Some of the entries looked incredibly professional too, both rules and models! Impressive stuff.

    Shame my Necron Lord, the Void Dragon Trainer, couldn't be done in time
  17. Architech's Avatar
    Other participants are free to post up their entries here
  18. edmundblack's Avatar
    Arch - do we get to see everyone's entry by any chance? I'm just really nosey, that's all.
  19. tone.tran's Avatar
    All great entries. Congrats and a job well done to all those involved!
  20. Solus's Avatar
    Had a lot of fun, thanks for the opportunity to participate! Lookin forward to seeing what you crazies do next.
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