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  1. The cult returns. (Genestealer Cult in combat patrol league.)

    Ahhh the genestealer cult. My first introduction into 40k back in 1993 when my cousin played them. It was them that eventually made me become a Tyranid player and still use a load of genestealers in my force. While I eventually hoped to make my own Cult force to go alongside the Nids 3rd ed came around and the cult showed up in an unofficial Citadel Journal army list but the models were long gone and by 4th ed the cult had vanished completely bar fluff. However GW seem to be bringing some of the ...
  2. The return of the Blood Dragons- Age of Sigmar league blog.

    So over the last few months I've been in a AOS league with my orcs, squigs and occasionally goblins. We've been using the following point costs http://ageofwargamers.blogspot.se/p/...igmar-ppc.html as we used there rule set for tournaments in 8th ed which we found enjoyable and now they are doing the same to AOS we find the point costs and rules to be in line with what we think things should cost so have been using them.

    The orcs and goblins have been doing well but with all ...
  3. Back from Guardcon

    So back from Guardcon with the the skaven with some interesting results. The lists that were on show were pretty different though as the TO said it was a elf invasion with elves being bloody everywhere. Thankfully I only had fight two of the pointy eared freaks.

    So again this was the list I ended up taking.

    Lord Skrolk
    Assassin with sword of anti heroes, rival hide talisman
    Warlock, lvl1, brass orb
    Warlock, lvl1, dispel scroll
    Chieftain, ...
  4. Monsters unleashed (Monster con results)

    So Monstercon. It was different.

    Well I suppose I can go into more detail. So was quite a small turnout with only 10 of us due to a lot of people having to drop out due to some severe weather in NZ over the last few weeks taking out roads etc so just the locals and me really.

    So my list is here from a previous blog and didnít change despite my better judgement telling me to drop troggy and take a cannon and some gutter runners. Now it was closed list so canít be precise ...
  5. Swedish comp doesn't like Skaven apparently (Preparing for Guardcon)

    So monstercon has been and gone and will try and do a report for it later but to sum it up 3 wins (High Elves, Ogres, Skaven), a draw (WOC) and 2 losses (Daemons, WOC). So anyway now the fun tourney is out of the way back to the standard tournies with the next one being one of my regular haunts Guardcon.

    Link here to player pack

    So swedish comp with a score between 8 and 13 is new this year rather then standard restrictions put on lists. Now having player the orcs a ...
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