1. The Saga of 9 awful terminators, 1 bad librarian, and 1 awesome sergeant.

    The battle was supposed to be a quick, 500 point game of Dark Angels verses Necrons.

    I brought 2 units of 5 terminators each.
    One had a chain fist and autocannon.
    The other had plasma cannon and one model with two lightning claws.
    And a level 2 Librarian with Interromancy and Force.

    My opponent brought an Overlord with 2+ armor save, an AP2 melee weapon, and a flamer.
    He also brought a twelve-man unit of Warriors, a 5 man unit of Immortals, and 3 ...
  2. How to use Terminators and Drop Pods against a gun-line.

    You know the situation. It's your turn two, and you have reserves coming on to the table. The problem? You have two squads of Terminators and your opponent has a nice Necron/Tau/Tzeentch gunline. You deep-strike as close as you can, successfully charge a unit, wipe it out, and die in your opponent's turn. Or, you don't destroy it, and merely delay your fate. How do you prevent such a waste of points?

    With a high-risk/high-reward strategy. You deep-strike in BEHIND the gun-line. In order ...
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