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  1. The cult returns. (Genestealer Cult in combat patrol league.)

    Ahhh the genestealer cult. My first introduction into 40k back in 1993 when my cousin played them. It was them that eventually made me become a Tyranid player and still use a load of genestealers in my force. While I eventually hoped to make my own Cult force to go alongside the Nids 3rd ed came around and the cult showed up in an unofficial Citadel Journal army list but the models were long gone and by 4th ed the cult had vanished completely bar fluff. However GW seem to be bringing some of the ...
  2. Sneggy does Tournaments Part 3: Charity tournament 2016

    Firstly apologies for the lack of pictures in this one, its a couple of months old and not got around to making it until now.

    So this event is a charity tournament with a bunch of game systems going on: Kings of war, x-wing, 40k, warmachine, guildball, theres even a DnD group somewhere hiding out. Naturally I'm in for 40k and as is customary at charity tournaments I put away my competitive army and bring out something fun. So for this even I elected to bring what I consider a fairly ...
  3. I am so happy i decided to get back into the swing of things.

    It has been way too long since i decided to sit down and paint.
    Last night i sat sown and built me a bran new emperors champion(custom)
    It feels good.Accomplishing things for a change.

    So many projects i have now i dont know where to start.
    imperial knight (2)
    contemptor dreadnaught
    Metal termies (12)
    few various marines i want to make with ...

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  4. Caku has no idea what she's doing with her life

    I dunno if anyone is gunna read this, but I felt like here would be a good place to just vent and let off some steam.

    So I went to University for one semester. In High School I was in the school's Engineering Academy, and thought maybe I'd like to do that with my life. College changed that. I thought maybe History, but that'd most likely mean I wouldn't have my degree until I'm 30. So now I sit around my parent's house, read manga, build models, play games, and work retail at a general ...
  5. The Super Secret Space Marine Project [SSSMP] - Updated 26/01/16

    Originally Posted by foxbissett View Post

    I'm swear, I am doing just about everyting you can do without models or tools. In this post I'm going to provide some measure of my planning
    I've Planned EVERYTHING I need to complete prototypes for some of my units, Here's what I've been up to:

    I need to remove as much iconography as possible so I found this handy little guide:

    Then I have a part that will
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