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    by Published on 31st May 2015 00:44
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    Hey folks just thought I'd pop in and offer my meagre painting talents utilising one of my favourite paints. The gloriously gloopy liquid talent that is Ryza Rust.

    For the purpose of this step by step guide I'll be using an Ogre Irongut; please forgive my god awful photography.

    To begin with I'll show you my paint station and how I like to prep models for painting.

    As you can see I prepare the models into sections to avoid blocking ...
    by Published on 3rd March 2014 23:56

    Buyer's Guide
    to Warhammer: 40
    If you're anything like me, starting (and expanding on) a Warhammer: 40k army is a daunting task. The initial cost for the most basic and minimal of armies can cost upwards of $300, and that's assuming you're already equipped with the essentials (rulebook, dice, etc). Not exactly a sum to scoff at. It's high time I contributed something to the amazing community here, and since my painting, modeling and magnetizing skills are intermediate at best, I've decided ...
    by Published on 14th October 2013 07:39
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    Following on from the Centurions, here is a guide for the 2013 Sternguard Veterans.
    It's rather handy being able to change your squad to have all manner of Heavy/Special weapons!
    This walk through also goes for any Tactical/Assault etc. They're all basically the same models. If you do choose to magnetise other squads then it means if you aren't fielding your Sternguard then sergeants etc can be given combi weapons.

    A few notes:
    Make sure your double check your magnets ...
    by Published on 13th October 2013 11:03
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    Centurions are nearly £50 for 3 models. Don't you want to get the most bang for your buck?

    This walk through will show you how to magnetise all weapons that come with Centurions so they can be fielded as Assault or Devastator, using all heavy weapons/drills/Melta/Flamer.

    If you use this walk through, the hoses that attach to the back of weapons will not be used at all.
    Personally I cannot be bothered working out how to magnetise them for something that I feel is superfluous ...
    by Published on 21st September 2013 21:14
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    Painting Lenses and Gems

    It is a fact with many sci-fi and fantasy gaming miniatures that they are riddled with gems and lenses of one sort or another, and often can be a significant part of a miniature’s detail. So much so that if they are missed out the model can look unfinished and fail to live up to its potential. They are also one area which many people are reluctant to try and paint, or have mixed results when they do.

    So in this (hopefully simple) guide, ...
    by Published on 15th July 2013 20:02
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    I made this the other day while I was bored, figured it would be fun to make a 'kiddy-style' tut. ...
    by Published on 22nd May 2013 02:06
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    This part of the compendium will cover notable places and the battles that have occurred there. We begin our journey in the plagued planet of Barbarus, where a young Primarch meets his destiny..


    Best known for its poisonous fog, which condemns the humans of this planet to live in the lowlands why the mutants and sorcerers rule above, and the homeworld of the Death Guard Legion, and their Primarch Mortarion.

    Adopted by a Necromancer, Mortarion's growth and curiosity led him towards the lowlands, findings for the first time his own kind suffering from the raids of the warlords above.

    After earned the populace's trust by fending off a raid, Mortarion began to form a quasi-military unit to hunt down the sorcerers on the highland, an endeavor that attracted the Emperor to be reunited with his son.

    It is often held that Mortarion's background facing warp-touched mutants and necromancers became the basis of his distrust of Magnus and the Thousand Sons, culminating in the Council of Nikaea.


    Primarch Lorgar of the Word Bearers Legion was the founder of the Lectitio Divinatus cult, revering the Emperor as a divine God. After emerging victorious from a brutal planet-wide religious war on his adopted homeworld of Colchis, he took to the stars to spread the Word across the galaxy.

    The Emperor was not pleased with Lorgar's actions, having been equipped with one of the largest Legions in the Word Bearers, his progress in the Great Crusade has been slow, due to him insisting to remain on conquered worlds to create vast shrines in worship to the Emperor.

    By the Emperor's orders, the Ultramarines Legion were sent to destroy Lorgar's perfect city of Monarchia on the planet Khur, and forced Lorgar's Legion to kneel in penitence before the ashes of his failure and to denounce his cult.

    His faith thus rewarded, Lorgar's fall to Chaos began, and his pilgrimage to find out the truth - whether there were Gods to be worshiped - culminated in his Legion's arrival on..


    Convinced by 1st Captain

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