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    So we’ve looked at the head honcho’s of the skaven and now it’s time to look at the heroes of the skaven force and here we have 4 normal and 2 special characters.

    Skaven Chieftains

    M5 WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I6 A3 LD6

    So lighter version of a warlord and coming in at half the cost of a lord and same basic equipment options however it can’t have any mounts (would make them think they are more important than they are in the skaven hierarchy) and is limited to 50pts of items like most heroes.

    However the chieftain is the only model in the skaven army that can be turned into a battle standard bearer and this is a very useful upgrade to have in a skaven army due to the ld test rerolls it provides.

    So chieftains a lighter version of warlords but still decent in CC and always a good idea to have one as battle standard bearer to help out with LD tests.

    Skaven Assassins

    M6 WS6 BS5 ST4 T4 W2 I8 A3 LD7

    So very speedy and rest of the stats are decent for a CC hero and cost wise is coming in at almost 3 times the cost of a chieftain so expensive.

    Equipment wise the assassin comes with 2 hand weapons and throwing stars default and can take 50 pts of extra items but also has access to Clan Eshin specific items.

    Now special rules we have a quite a few here which is where the assassin becomes quite deadly.

    So the standard verminous valour and scurry away rules but no strength in numbers due to how he works.

    His main special rule is hidden. This allows the assassin to hide in a clanrat, stormvermin, night runner, gutter runners or slaves and at the start of your turn or any players CC phase the assassin can pop up and immediately act like he had always been their. This is what makes the assassin an assassin as he simply waits for a hero or lord to appear and then he leaps out and challenges them and usually takes them down or cripples them or forces them to the rear of the unit so they aren’t much of a problem for that phase.

    He also has the always strikes first, scout and poisoned attacks rules to help him with the above task and also has a dodge ward save meaning his lack of armour isn’t a problem and you can spend his pts just making him more killy. He also has the sneaky infiltrators rule that lets him come on from a table edge on turn 2 onwards which isn’t bad if you want to use him to bring down warmachine crew.

    His last rule is killer not a leader which prevents him from being your general which is a bit of a shame as it stops you being able to field a pure eshin army which I find a bit disappointing as the other clans are possible.

    Overall the assassin is just that and even if he doesn’t end fighting heroes he is still a decent cc hero and can cause other things just as much pain.

    Warlock Engineers

    Next up we have one of the skavens hero wizards the Warlock Engineer of Clan Skyre.

    M5 WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W2 I4 A1 LD5

    So yeah nothing really outstanding their but he’s dead cheap initially costing a 1/3 of the price of a chieftain and god I have been tempted to make a warlock unit for a laugh.

    Anyway so equipment wise the warlock only comes with a handweapon and can also take a warlock augmented-weapon, warplock pistol or a warpmusket as basic equipment and 50 pts of magic and scavenge-pile items. The warlock can also be upgraded to a level 1 or level 2 wizard using the lore of ruin. Warlocks can also choose their default spell to be warp lightning. These choices actually make Warlocks as decent shooty heroes in a way dealing with armoured units and big things .

    Special rules wise warlocks don’t have anything special bar the standard scurry away, strength in numbers and verminous valour rules.

    So Warlocks are wizard hero mainly use to blat things from a distance and probably a good thing to as in a fight they will usually get duffed up and not do a lot in return like most wizards and LD wise they don’t help much either. Still always worth taking one or two to guarantee getting some long ranged magic missiles to deal with tougher things.

    Plague Priests

    Clan Pestilens hero entry and the last of the vanilla heroes.

    M5 WS5 BS3 S4 T5 W2 I5 A3 LD6

    So pretty tough for a rat and very fighty as well though coming in 10pts more than a warlord.

    Equipment wise comes with a hand weapon standard and can take a flail, plague censer or additional hand weapon as well as the standard 50pts of items blah blah blah. The Plague priest is also a level 1 wizard using lore of plague and can be upgraded to level 2 so not only fighty but also providing magic support as well.

    The plague priest is also the only hero with a mount riding either a great pox rat like a warlord or their unit mount the plague furnace.

    Now the plague furnace is like the screaming bell in some way has to be pushed, makes the unit unbreakable, is shot at the same way, causes impact in CC and is attacked the same way though the plague priest can’t climb it due to no bell, it doesn’t have a ward save for the priest and can only be pushed by plague monks.

    However unlike the bell which rings and grants random affects the plague furnace is much more of a offensive weapon. The reason for this is that it has a shooting attack and 2 cc attacks. The shooting attack is a template weapon with the end touching the furnace and any model hit by the template muss pass a T test with no saves allowed or suffer a wound. Not the greatest range but think of it as an upgraded pestilent breath.

    Now in CC is where it gets interesting as it’s first rule causes all units in BTB contact with it including the monks take D6 hits and must make that many T tests with no saves allowed or suffer a wound. The monks are only wounded on a 6 though due to being used to this sort of thing but does get them sometimes. It’s 2nd attack causes an artillery dice worth of str 5 hits on a unit in BTB contact with it causing more damage but can misfire which can destroy the furnace, wound the unit or cause the unit to go into a frenzy and get a 2nd round of attacks though a couple of rats will die.

    One final change is that instead of a rat ogre granting extra attacks as well the furnace has 3 monk crewman who grant it 6 str3 attacks as well.

    Special rule wise the priest has scurry away, strength in numbers and frenzy so it will getting stuck in quite a bit.

    Overall the priest is a pretty solid hero with or without his furnace and the furnace while expensive is definitely something to consider in larger scale games.

    Death Master Snikch

    Now we move onto the special characters and start with the master assassin.

    M6 WS8 BS6 S4 T4 W2 I10 A6 LD8

    Yeah Snikch is pretty damn mean statwise with high I, WS and A’s most things he hit will probably be dead or very badly injured though he does just over double the amount a basic assassin comes in at.

    So equipment wise he has throwing stars, 3 weeping blades which are why he has so many attacks and the cloak of shadows. This thing means snikch can only be shot at, charged or targeted by spells unless they roll a 4+ to see him meaning he can sort of go out by himself without need of a backup but don’t rely on it to much.

    Special rule wise Snikch pretty much has all the same ones as a normal assassin.

    So the question is Snikch worth paying double the amount of a normal assassin. My answer is yes though it really depends on what you’re fighting however with his higher I, WS and A Snikch is more likely to do something to a character and can even do damage to units themselves without too much of a problem and I have even seen him act as a flanker by himself and help route a unit so yes worth considering.

    Tretch Craventail

    Oh this guy is just so fluffy when it comes to skaven leadership.

    M5 WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I6 A3 LD6

    Stats are of a chieftain which he is and pts wise is just coming over the pts of a assassin.

    So equipment well he has 2 hand weapons and a tail blade giving him a couple of extra attacks, heavy armour and his lucky skull helm. This grants him a 4+ ward always handy and can reroll one dice per game for a hit roll, wound roll, armour save, ward save or ld test. One use only but may keep him around.

    So special rules well he has scurry away, verminous valour and strength in numbers but has 2 unique rules.

    First off is tretchs raiders which allows him and any clanrat or stormvermin units he has joined to reroll failed hits if they strike a units flank or rear. Handy and just so skaven like.

    Next up is stay here, I’ll get help which allows tretch at the start of any skaven phase to run 3d6 to another clan rat or stormvermin unit though if none are in range he is removed as a casualty as he’s actually run away. A handy rule that lets him get out of a combat he doesn’t want to be in and get away from it to a fresh unit.

    Overall while he’s nothing special I do love his special rules and he’s okay for a laugh but not someone I’d say is a must have.

    So that’s the heroes done and next time I look at the sk
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