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Forces through the editions- Eversor Assassin

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Right back to th Ordo forces again and this time looking at that kamikaze nutjob capable of wiping out entire squads the eversor assassin.

2nd ed

Like the other assassins the model ain't changed.

So for 240pts you get +3BS, +3WS, +1S, +1T, +2W, +3I, +1A and same LD compared to the current one.

Equipment- So what we got here.

Exitus pistol- A master crafted bolt pistol and a needle pistol so decent against most infatry bar daemons and nids.

Sentinel array- 360 degree LOS and makes it easier to detect hidden units so no getting away from this nut job.

Neuro Gauntlet- So Str7 power weapon capable of tearing infantry and vehicles a new one and non nid and daemon unit that suffers a wound must take a break test and characters wounded have their stats halved for the rest of the game.

Combat Drugs- Grant 1 of 3 bonuses at the start of each turn which you pick.

1. Triple run and charge range to 18"
2. If the assassin is reduced to 0 wounds he keeps on going until the end of the turn.
3. If the assassin goes into combat with another unit with his follow up move he immediately fights them.

Special rules- Now it gets even better

Dodge- Default invul save

Immune to toxins- Makes sense seeing he is so dosed up on them.

Causes Fear- I think he should cause terror to be honest.

For each model he is in BTB contact with he gets +1WS.

He may fire his pistol 4 times a turn and switch ammo for each one.

If wounded in CC he sprays acid blood on the one who wounded him which is a str 4 attack.

When he dies he creates a small str 5 blast.

So overall are you a daemon or MC nid? If so you may stand a chance against this guy anyone else your fucked.

3rd ed

Right lets see if he is still a psycho loony... okay correction see if he is still a completely and utter psycho loony.

So stats same as all assassins WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I5 A3 LD10 and is 95pts so gone from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Special rules

Standard assassin fair Independant so no joining units or capturing objectives, having the 4+ invul as normal, is fearless and may infiltrate. He also has bio-meltdown which is still a str5 blast and fast shot which means he never counts as moving when firing his pistol.


Speaking of the pistol it is still a combi bolt pistol/needle pistol. He also comes with a power weapon and melta bombs now and still has his handy gauntlet which is now poisoned but still tears through armour and can glance vehicles... makes the power weapon kind of redundant really.

Also still has his drugs doubling his assault range and when he assaults gets d6 extra attacks instead of 1 you he is hitting you with between 4-9 and combined the gauntlet if your a infantry unit/MC/anything not a vehicle your in deep shit.

So the eversor a psycho nutter who loves getting combat and collecting spleens.

Next one I'm going to do armies through the editions and give a general over view of each of the armies from 2nd ed onwards (curse my lack of rogue trader books bar the ork ones) and see what special rules, troops and other things have changed for the forces overall and will then go back into detail on the units.



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