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Forces through the editions- Mad Dok Grotsnik

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Right time to look at the ork painboy who makes other ork painboys look sane.

2nd ed

See the ork painboy 2nd to the left. That is the model used for Mad Dok Grotsnik. Yeah he was pretty much all cybork back then.

So stats compared to now he has +3BS -2W +2I -2A AND -1LD and is coming in at 82 points.

So equipment wise he was a power klaw as his standard weapon and also has doc's tools which allows him to have a extra attack and if a model is wounded by it they count as having a squig enter their body and basically eat them from inside killing them instantly. He can also buy any stikkbombz, special or heavy weapons the orks have access to.

Defense wise he also has the cybork body which grants him +2S and +2W always handy but also a armour value of 15. This means that when rolling to hurt him you use the armour value not the toughness and he suffers a wound for every point it is beat e.g. roll of 16 he suffers 1 wound, 17 2 wounds etc. If the roll is 15 however he is just knocked over but doesn't do anything in his next turn bar stand up and this also applies to if his armour was penned.

Special rule wise Mad Dok grotsnik is not surprisingly mad and has to roll to test to see what madness he has where he could either be scared of everyone, hate everyone or go completely bat shit bonkers and increase his stats further.

So overall Grotsnik was not to shabby and loved jumping into CC with units with little armour penning weapon as he wouldn't be harmed and happily splat them with his klaw and syringe.

3rd ed

The current model and got a bit more flesh to him now.

So statwise he has -1WS -1T -1W -1A and -2LD to now and is 96 points.

Equipment wise he's still got the klaw but has gained a slugga, some eavy armour, the current version of the cybork body, a bionik arm, a bionik bonce and his doks tools which can now heal orks... or kill them whichever.

So he's still mad and is immune to pinning and psychology and must always move towards and assault the closest enemy target and this also affects any squad he is with as well as it's kind of contagious. He's also more machine then ork increasing his T to by 1.

So while no longer cross between a walker and a ork he's still a nutjob but does some healing now as well... when he feels like it which is 1/6th of the time and of course 1/6th of a chance he kills the person he was healing instead.

4th ed

So WS5 BS2 S4 T5 W3 I3 A4 LD9 and is 160pts.

So still got his eavy armour, klaw, cybork body and slugga but also has the new doks tools making more reliable and has his syringe back to inject more squigs into people.

Special rule wise he has the standard ork rules but is fearless and still causes him and his squad to chase after units but can also allow any unit in the army to have cybork bodies which is always handy though does mean the ork horde ain't as big but still handy.

So a reliable healer now and still good against everything when he isn't leading his boyz to their death charging a titan or something because of his madness... not the we ork players care it's all part of being a ork player.



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