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Forces through the editions- Zoanthropes

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So time to look at the Tyranids big floating brains the zoanthropes.

2nd ed

Yeah had quite an image change over the years.

So 120pts, is a character and has +1WS +1BS, +1W and +1A to how it is now so not to shabby.

So weapon wise they have claws... yeah that's it but do have a bunch of special rules.

So first up Zoanthropes cause fear and never fail leadership tests and I mean never so matter what they auto-pass and it even says in the book and I'm quoting "The zoanthropes leadership value is therefore never used, but is included for comparative purposes." So yeah it ain't running.

Now it's also a level 2 psyker and has two powers warp field and warp blast and any attacks it makes in CC count as psychic attacks as well no daemons aren't to fond of him.

So warp field this power is always on from the beginning of the game and when the thrope is hit in by an attack of any sort for each attack you roll 2d6 and if the result is higher then the strength of the hit it is nullified before it can even wound. It even stops things that normally don't have a strength counting them as being a 6 though psychic powers with no strength still go through with no problems. Still means it's bugger to kill with small arm fire.

Finally warp blast so this is a shooting attack that has 4 levels of power depending how much power you put into it and be anywhere from a 24" str 4 shot to a 60" str 7 2" blast capable of killing anything bar the nurgle daemon prince special character in one go. So yeah if the psychic phase doesn't generate to many power cards it's not to much to worry about but if a bunch are dealt you may be in trouble.

So the 2nd ed thrope is not bad but it's reliance on the psychic phase to use it's blast is a bit of a problem as that is so random you can't rely on it and I'll be honest I prefer the Hive Tyrant who you have to take anyway powers more then the blast so okay as a backup psyker but not something that makes you go oh yes I need that.

3rd ed

Well that's an image shift.

So now 34 pts and statline has +1A and +1I to now but also -1BS. They also are heavy support and come in sqauds of 3 and are a 0-1 choice. However unlike now in 3rd ed they could be deployed seperately while bought as one choice each model counted as being by itself so if one died the others would just go meh and carry on.

So equipment well they still have claws... sort of but stumpy now but have teeth as well now.

Along with this warp field is still around but now gives a 2+ save which is okay and must take one of the following

Synapse making them synapse creatures.

Catalyst- Psychic power that allows any nid killed near the thrope before they can strike in CC to still do so.

Psychic scream which reduces the LD value of targets near the zoanthrope by 1 and any enemy psykers suffer a peril if they fail a psychic test not just the usual way.

Warpblast this has two forms. First is a basic shooting attack which is a str 5 blast capable of cutting through any infantry armour minus terminator armour and similar or a psychic power version which is a str10 shot. Pretty useful both ways really.

Special rule wise only unique one is they don't count towards capturing objectives, table quarters and similar things.

So can be either a support choice or can blow shit up... both work quite fine really especially as they can be spread out.

4th ed

So model changed

However apart from that mainly got a few tweaks. The point cost went up a pt. They gained the toxic miasma biomorph making them harder to hit in CC and could buy the horror making enemies having pass LD tests to assault them. Apart from that same as in 3rd.

5th ed

So how we doing now.

Well now 60pts, an elite choice, a normal squad so no more seperating and are WS3 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I3 A1 LD10.

So equipment- Claws and teeth still and chitin giving them a 5+ save.

Psychic power wise most of the support options are gone or now part of the thrope but still has warp blast which is the same bar it is now a psychic test to use for the blast shot and the other shot is now seperate power called warp lance which now has the lance special rule as well so land raiders and monoliths really hate it now.

Special rule wise they are now always synapse creatures automatically, warp field is now a invul save always helpful especially as they more prone to instant death now that synapse no protects from that like it used to and they have gained shadow in the warp to help stuff up enemy psykers casting their powers.

The squad can also mycetic spore to allow them to drop next to that threatening unit/tank and promptly erase them with a blast or lance.

So not as much of a support role especially as they are all bunched together now but still capable of causing mass to enemy units and tanks. Always nice to consider.



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