Sneggy does Tournaments Part 2: Christmas Zero-Comp

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Hello again boys and girls, I have once again been attending tournaments and have come to regale you with stories of Orks. This is actually my 3rd tournament this year but I forgot to write up the second and its too long ago now for me to remember what happened. End result is I placed 2nd, then got home, realised I had added up my score in the last game wrong and should have placed 1st. Nevermind, was a charity event and I had a lot of fun anyway.

So on to Tournament 3. This was the Christmas Tournament and the rules pack was pretty minimalist:
Must be Bound
John fancies a laugh so thats it, bring anything you like.

Chatting to the likely attendees it was rapidly established that this meant titans. Which is scary when you're an Ork.
So naturally I wrote an uber competitive list, practised it, playtested it, then a week before the tournament as I was finishing up some painting, packing some models up I spotted my stormboys......instantly realised the error of my ways and took a bunch of stuff out to fit in more fun stuff.
Heres the list I wound up going with:

Warboss Warbike, 'Eadwoppas Killchoppa 105

Painboy Warbike 75

Free' HQ Slot:
Mek Kustom Mega-Blasta 20

Nob Bikers: Warbikes
Nob Boss Power Klaw
Nob Power Klaw, Waagh Banner
Nob Big Choppa
Nob Slugga and choppa 255

12 Tankbustas 3 Bomb Squigs 171

11 Ork Boyz Slugga and choppa
Nob Power Klaw, Bosspole
Trukk Rokkit Launcha, Reinforced Ram 147

11 Ork Boyz Slugga and choppa
Nob Power Klaw, Bosspole
Trukk Rokkit Launcha, Reinforced Ram 147

11 Ork Boyz Slugga and choppa
Nob Power Klaw, Bosspole
Trukk Rokkit Launcha, Reinforced Ram 147

Fast Attack:
DeffKopta Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha 30

DeffKopta Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha 30

4 Stormboyz
Nob Power Klaw 80

Heavy Support:
Battlewagon Reinforced Ram, 2 Rokkit Launchas 125

2 Mek Gunz Traktor Kannons, 2 Ammo Runts 66

Lord of War:
KillBursta Bursta Gun 400


Then some photos of the army all laid out, ready for Waaaaaaaaaaaar.

So arriving at the tournament we have the usual hour of sign ups, list checking. Everyone getting their armies out etc. I go for a look around (completely forgot to take any photos at the event btw, sorry) and can see at a glance. A Revenant titan, a Reaver Titan, a Warhound, A stompa, 4 wraithknights, a bunch of imperial knights.....welp best hope I dont face the Reaver or Revenant round one because I have no idea what to do.

Game one:
Sees me drawn vs Chaos Space Marines
Hes running: Lord of Skulls, cultists, maulerfiend, small unit of berzerkers, 2 heldrakes and a chaos lord with some unwieldy weapon.
The mission is the relic, he wins the roll off and chooses to have me deploy and go first.

I wont bother with a turn by turn run through of this game, it was over before others had finished deploying.
I open fire with my Killbursta and stick 2 hull points on the Lord of Skulls.
Then 12 tankbustas shoot, the dice gods are drunk and they destroy the lord of skulls. It explodes and kills everything except the maulerfiend, the lord and a handful of cultists. I apologise profusely, my opponents very good about it.
I shoot the maulerfiend down with my remaining rokkits.

His turn he moves up, nothing to shoot.
My turn I whiff my shooting phase and the warboss and friends charge the lord. His lord has some unwieldy weapon, my warboss gets in a challenge and hits him with his killchoppa, I roll a 6 for instant death. I apologise some more.

His turn a heldrake comes on, cultists wander about a bit. Heldrake does a wound or two on the nob bikers.

My turn the heldrake is shot down, cultists are charged. He shakes my hand and we call it.

Result: Absolutely crushing victory to the Orks.

Having over 2 hours of the the 2:30 time limit left I watch some games. The Reaver and Revenant are both scary. As it turns out they both lose though. Meaning I avoid them.

Game two:
This game promises to be a bit closer. My opponent is running a Skyhammer Annihilation force, an imperial knight and a cad.
the keypoints of the list:
2x devastator squads with multimeltas
2x devastator squads with missile launchers
Grav centurions with a libby
Knight with battlecannon
couple of tac squads in pods with meltaguns
couple of assault squads.

He takes first turn. I deploy bubble wrapping the killbursta, nob bikers and tankbustas.

His turn one:
Drop pods everywhere! His multimeltas cant get melta range on the good stuff so he pops 2 trukks and kills a lot of the boys inside. His missile launchers shoot something....they either whiff or it was unimportant because I dont remember it.
Grav centurions immobilise the tankbustas battlewagon.
He either fails his charge or forgets to charge with the assault marines.

My turn one:
Oh look, a ton of marines on my doorstep. Time for a fight.
The killbursta Thunderblitz, killing a tactical squad, all but 1 of a devastator squad and 2 drop pods.
The tankbustas only have range on a drop pod so kill it.
Nob bikers drive up to multi charge a dev squad, assault squad and drop pod. They shoot the devs, put 6 wounds on them, 5 failed saves....damn now I cant charge.
The remnants of all 3 trukk mobz pile into the grav centurions hoping with 3 power klaws I can eventually mop them up. Both deffkoptas go in too just to get out of the way.

In the assault phase begins the Legacy of the Cane. The librarian challenges. I accept with a power klaw nob, thinking he wont cause 2 wounds. He does. Down goes a nob. The centurions see the deffkoptas coming and 3 attacks punchs a T5 2 wound kopta from the sky.....that didnt go well. I put a few wounds on the centurions, due to multiple units he spreads them around. We end up sticking.

His turn two:
More pods, his knight moves up to try and charge the killbursta. His assault marines come over to rescue the grav centurions.

Shooting phase, he fires 8 missiles into an av14 front armour of the killbursta....naturally I take 7 hull points and it dies. What is it with missiles and super heavies this tournament? The result explosion takes a hull point off the knight.

Combat sees the knight fail a charge into the nob bikers (it was a long bomb since he had moved to charge the now dead killbursta)
The librarian declares another challenge, I cannot refuse the chance for vengeance. Another nob gets caned (fear the cane!). I put some minor damage on the centurions but mostly focus on giving the clamps to the assault marines who die to a man. I lose some boyz too but who cares.

My turn two:
The warboss splits off from the nob bikers and goes for the last assault marine squad, the nob bikers go for a tactical squad.

In shooting the tankbustas put 3 more hull points on the knight.
The mek btw has been trying to fix the immobilised wagon the whole time, he doesnt succeed the whole game.

In combat the warboss whiffs killing 1 assault marine.
The nob bikers eat the tactical squad.
The librarian challenges, I'm an idiot and accept. Nob gets caned (FEAR THE CANE) The rest fo the boyz do not a lot vs the centurions who return the favour.

His turn Three:
He shoots ineffectually at a wagon which is stuck in ruins and takes no damage. The knight moves up and fails a charge on the warboss.

In combat more pillow fighting, nothing really happens. I am out of nobs to get caned.

My turn three:
The nob bikers move over to deal with this caning librarian. The tankbusas whiff on the knight.

Over on the far side of the table a trukk tank shocks a devastator squad, one of their number dies in a death or glory. The ObSec truck is now on the objective in his deployment zone. Good use of 35pts.

In combat his librarian challenges. The biker nob boss is sure he'll do better. He gets caned. GODDAMMIT FEAR THE CANE!
However the rest of the centurions die. The librarian has a lot of boyz and nobz around him. He has nobody left to challenge.
The warboss clearly feels instant deathing that chaos lord game one is his quota and whiffs again.

His turn four:
At this stage the organiser comes over and tells us this will be the final turn.

His knight moves right next to the warboss, he wants the warlord point. He fires his devastators at my truck and kills it. The resultant explosion kills a devastator, they immediately flee away from the objective. Superb use of (a now dead) 35pts.

In combat the librarian canes some more but eventually gets the clamps and goes down. Thank Mork for that.
His Knight and my warboss strike simultaneously. The warboss predictably dies. Less predictably the warboss rolls boxcars to wound and brings down the knight as well.

My turn four.
The stormboyz finally arrive, deep striking onto an objective.
I move onto the objectives with my now freed up units.
We call it there as we are pushing it for time.

Result: Win for orks!

Game Three:
So two wins puts me at the top table, we are informed there are 4 of us in the hunt for the victory. Myself, Karl (one of my team, I played basically all my practise games vs him) Stephen (another of my team) and the only other Ork player. Naturally I immediately denounce my own team and inform the ork player I don't care who wins so long as its a victory for Gork (or possibly Mork).

The random pairing agrees its a day for greenskins, placing me vs Karl and Stephen vs the other ork player.

Mission is straight kill points and we are told in the event of a tie the player with the highest net kill points score wins.
Karls army:
Decurion necrons.
double monolith
triple night scythe
2x10 warriors
5 immortals
6 lychguard with warscythes
Canoptekh Harvest with 6 wraiths in it.

Karl wins the roll off and makes me deploy and go first.

My turn one:
Killbursta opens fire and rolls a 6 on the monolith. Goodbye monolith.
Rest of the army manouvers, plinks a few wounds here and there on the wraiths.

Karls Turn one:
Moves up, fires relatively ineffectually (bear in mind half his army is off the board in the fliers)
His wraiths charge the nob bikers (I liked the match up and offered him a charge into difficult terrain on them)
The scarabs make a long bomb into a trukk.

The scarabs do minor hull point damage to the trukk.

The wraiths suck at hurting nob bikers. Nob bikers suck at hurting wraiths. I think we trade 1 wound each.

My turn Two:
I kill the spyder handing out reanimation to the wraiths.

Two units of boyz charge the tomb blades.
One unit of boyz charge the scarabs

Tomb blades and boyz whiff.
The boys eat the scarabs.

Nob bikers are very gradually winning vs the wraiths.

His turn 2:
two Night scythes enter play. One containing warriors he deploys. The other with lord and lychguard stay embarked.

He kils some boyz with ground troops.
The night scythes kill a trukk and damage another.

The boyz finish off the tomb blades
The nobz continue the grind with the wraiths. Causing more damage than they take.

My turn 3:
Stormboyz drop in ready to charge next turn.
I fire basically everything at the remaining monolith. I achieve nothing.

The boyz charge some immortals
Other two boyz mobs charge the warriors.
I whiff completely killing basically nothing in combat.

The nobs grind a bit more.

His turn three:
The last night scythe comes in.
The night scythes finish off the trukks.

In combat his wraiths are finished off.
The warriors fighting 2 boyz mobs are cleaned up.
The immortals and last boyz mob are debating the virtues of underfloor heating. Nobody dies.

My turn Four:
The 2 boyz mobs who just killed the warriors find themselves 30+ inches from everything. One goes into some ruins and hides for linebreaker. The other just sort of stands around in a forest. I figure thats two safe kill points.
The kilbursta whiffs (again)
Nob bikers move up to the monolith.

Tankbustas snapshot and do some hullpoints on a night scythe.

Stormboyz charge into the immortal/boyz combat.
Nobz and boss charge the monolith.

Nobz whiff and only put 2 hull points on the monolith (both from the warboss roling 6's to glance. the power klaws did nothing)
stormboyz make all the difference and take out the immortals (I LOVE stormboyz)

His turn 4:
His lychguard and lord get out next to the mek gunz (hey look they get a mention in the write up. useless bloody things).
At this stage its more or less game over and hes playing for 3rd place.

He shoots and doesnt achieve much, mostly because I moved to deny his night scythes targets.

My turn 5: The nobz pick up the monolith eventually.
The killbursta is lobbing D blasts at the overlord with reckless abandon for the safety of the mek gunz. It achieves very little.

I'm not sure what i did in the shooting phase but all the night scythes are either dead, shaken/jinked or he flies them off in his turn. Either way he has no night scythes to shoot me next turn.

His turn 5:
The overlord and lychguard butcher the mek gunz....good, they deserved to die.

game ends there.

Victory for the Orks by a 6pt margin.

I go over to the other table, stephen has won. He tallies up his points. He wins by a 4pt margin.

All glory to Gork and Mork! Orks win the tournament!

What a great amount of fun that tournament was, really pleased with the result obviously. Proud of the team too. Stephen taking 2nd place. Due to some janky scoring Karl missed out on 3rd place.

Now for the Orks to settle down for Christmas. In the New Year they mount up and go searching for more glory for Waaagh Sneggy.



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