The Saga of 9 awful terminators, 1 bad librarian, and 1 awesome sergeant.

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The battle was supposed to be a quick, 500 point game of Dark Angels verses Necrons.

I brought 2 units of 5 terminators each.
One had a chain fist and autocannon.
The other had plasma cannon and one model with two lightning claws.
And a level 2 Librarian with Interromancy and Force.

My opponent brought an Overlord with 2+ armor save, an AP2 melee weapon, and a flamer.
He also brought a twelve-man unit of Warriors, a 5 man unit of Immortals, and 3 model group of scarabs.

My opponent deploys, and elects to wait until I deepstrike in.

I do, and my deepstrikes scatter on opposite ends of the battleline from each other. Fantastic.

My guys run at his, and all get about 3 inches. I am out of charge range of everyone. Squad One opens fire, and kills a single Immortal with storm bolters. Squad Two whiffs completely. My librarian has a bad psychic phase, just managing to put Force on and nothing else.

My opponent shoots his Immortals into Squad One, killing one. He tries to bring his Overlord around, but can't get into range of anything, and his Warriors don't damage Squad Two.

His scarabs charge Squad One, and lose one base out of three. Then they kill two terminators.

I move Squad Two and Librarian into position to charge.

Squad One stays locked in combat with the 2 remaining bases, though they kill one and get the other down to a single point.

Squad Two charges the Warriors, who overwatch and kill a terminator. Lightning claws, power fists, and power sword all fail to do anything, and I kill one warrior.

My Librarian charges the Immortals, and kills one with force. The other one hit just stands back up. The Librarian takes a wound.

His Overlord charges my Librarian, who whiffs and dies.

Squad One finishes off the scarabs, but not before the sergeant dies, putting it down to one guy with a chainfist.

Squad Two kills another warrior.

Chainfist charges the immortals, and kills one.

Squad Two continues to whiff.

Overlord charges Squad Two, killing three guys, and Immortals kill chainfist.

At this point, I'm wondering what I did to get on Tzeentch's hate list.

Then, the lone survivor, Mr. Sergeant-in-charge-of-Squad-Two, decides to finally be awesome.

He passes a leadership check, and promptly slaughters two warriors.

Warriors and the Overlord all whiff their hits, and Sergeant makes all his saves.

Sergeant kills two more Warriors, and then they roll an 11.

Sergeant overruns, and consolidates toward the Overlord.

Overlord whiffs his attacks, and Sergeant does one wound. Immortals move to charge.

Overlord connects with one attack, but Sergeant makes his 5+ invulnerable, and connects with both his attacks, killing the Overlord.

Game ends.

The hilarious part about this is that the owner of the store we were playing in said right before the game began, "Funny thing about terminators. It's when one survives that they do awesome stuff." Heh.

Sergeant-in-charge-of-Squad-Two gets renamed by my opponent "Sergeant Karma Killer". Because apparently the only way he can kill things is by having all his friends die first.


  1. Wookie2012's Avatar
    Terminators can't sweeping advance
  2. theonelogician's Avatar
    But they have relentless
  3. Wookie2012's Avatar
    Sorry - I assumed by 'Sergeant overuns' you mean he did a sweeping advance? as you said he 'overuns' and then consolidates. Terminator armour entry specifically states models in that armour cannot.
  4. theonelogician's Avatar
    Oh bleh. I see it now. He just consolidated.


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