The Super Secret Space Marine Project [SSSMP]

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The Super Secret Space Marine Project - Which for simplicity's sake I will refer to in all future related posts as: SSSMP

Now I want to log my progress with this but to do so without giving up the punchline will make it difficult. But I will do what I can showing only what needs to be and asking only what I can't get answered elsewhere.

So lets begin:

Stage one as with all Super Secret Projects is planning and costing, something I should be able to share without too much issue:

Disclaimer: Other Stores are available in regards to the following planned purchases but ITS MY FECKING LIST and this is where I'M buying it!

Wayland Games

Space Marine Starter Set £40
SM Commander £11.20
SM Assault Squad £20
Dark Angles Veterans £16
Precision Side Cutters £7.19
Hobby Magnets 3mm x 1mm £3.96
White Colour Primer Sprayv £6.80
Mega Brush Set £26
Paints: £9.20
- Lahimian Medium #
- Fenrisian Greym #
- Russ Grey #
- Ceramite White #

Sub-Total £140.08

Forge World

Contempter Chainfist £9.50

Sub-Total £9.50


Hand Drill w/ 3.2mm Bit £3.99
Clear Round Acrylic Rods x 4 £3
Sub-Total £6.95

Riot Shields x 2 £6

Sub-Total £6
Total £162.53

So what this list doesn't show is what I do have but everything, in the way of tools, that needs replacing is here as well as the Paints I need for my scheme

Now my Birthday is 4th Feb and my Father in Law gives me a random amount of cash every year which honestly is probably simply what he can afford, but in 7 years its not been under £20 so I can be pretty safe assuming I am getting that. My Mother is giving me £50 which she has confirmed for me in her last visit. And the misses (Remember I'm awaiting an Op so she's the only one earning) is promising £30 to the SSSMP. So that's £ where's that magic tree get me that last £65!! lol! Seriously though £65 is pretty attainable considering I'm buying all this in March and starting in April.

If you're observant and you see I'm preparing to start a new army and as a result will see there's 1 important thing missing from this list that I'm buying as soon as I get over the obligatory period of poverty that follows Christmas with 3 kids!! That is the Codex! I have the old one which helps to some extent but I need the new one to Pts Cost so I'll be getting that sooner rather than later!

And there you have it. I cant tell you why I have what I have here but I cant wait till I get to share more! Next is the Unit/Model Composition for each of the Units you see here, which of course I can do once I get the Codex!

See ya next time

FoxBissett Out!



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