Space Marine - Lets Build a List [SSSMP]

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Yup......I got the Codex a little faster than I planned. So Because of Super Secret things I have requirements I need to meet. Please pay attention to the notes under each unit:

Preliminary Note: Imagine the Army only has ready access to Flamer and Bolter Tech

Venerable Dreadnaught 125 pts
Twin Linked Heavy Flamer 5pts
Power Fist w/ Built-in Heavy Flamer 10pts
Extra Armour 10pts
Drop Pod 35 pts

Sub-Total : 185pts

Notes: So this is the most pliable of the units. There can only be one.......maybe two at a push but I would rather stick to one. The Power Fist is the only thing set in stone here.

Librarian 65pts
Mastery Level 2 25pts

Sub-Total: 90pts

Notes: OK So this is the weird one. Psyker in Power Armour with Force Weapon is the requirement here, so I can lose the Lv 2 and add whatever though the gear cant change the appearance too wildly. Alternately I can completely throw this out for an Inquisitor w/ force weapon

Captain 90pts

Sub-Total: 90pts

Note: So the model will look like the Tac Marine with a cape and colour swap, other than that must be holding bolter though combi weapons can pass. It also has to accompany the Tac Squad so no bright Ideas!!! lol

Vanguard Veteran Squad (9 man) 171pts
ALL Power Weapon 45pts
ALL Storm Shields 90pts
Drop Pod 35pts

Sub-Total: 341pts

Note: So again, i need this unit to look like the Tac's but with Riot Shields and combat weapon. So the Storm Shield is locked in. Also Pods not fixed. I went power weapon cause cost but if you think Thunders then I can alter

Tactical Squad (10 man) 140pts
Flamer 5pts
Heavy Bolter 10pts

Sub-Total: 155pts

Note: So I cant find anyway to make this work but I INSIST on this format.......which means allowing the Heavy Bolter to fit.....suggestions please

So there's what I'm putting together. Yes, I Know, I've got no Drop Pods in my Shopping List but there not set in stone so I'm not committing to it.
To clarify, at this point I am not writing a full list, nor am I asking you to write my list for me, but if you can tweak this to make a little more sense and to carry a little more cohesion I would be greatfull


NOTE: If you want to follow my progress easier keep an eye on my blog as ill be posting these there as well.



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