Sneggy does Tournaments Part 3: Charity tournament 2016

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Firstly apologies for the lack of pictures in this one, its a couple of months old and not got around to making it until now.

So this event is a charity tournament with a bunch of game systems going on: Kings of war, x-wing, 40k, warmachine, guildball, theres even a DnD group somewhere hiding out. Naturally I'm in for 40k and as is customary at charity tournaments I put away my competitive army and bring out something fun. So for this even I elected to bring what I consider a fairly 'classic' tyranids list.

Flyrant-Double devourers and ECG

22 devourer termagants
14 hormagaunts
2x 5 genestealers

3 Zoanthropes (one neurothrope)
3 Hive Guard

Fast Attack:
4 Shrikes-All the upgrades, 2 with Bonesword and lashwhip, 2 with rending claws.
Hive Crone

Heavy Support:
2x Carnifex-Double devourers

So as I say I consider this a fairly 'classic' tyranid list. Tyrant, couple of carnifexes, zoans, bunch of gaunts, handful of genestealers and a warrior unit. Nothing too out of place through several editions, then a couple of the newer toys partially because I like the models and partially because pure gaunts is terrible.

So onto game one:
Paul and his Ravenwing.
A little bit of background, I played Paul in a friendly game with almost exactly the same list hes running here with me using my uber competitive admech war convocation the week before. I beat him by one point. So from my super competitive Admech to my fluffy tyranids...not feeling super confident.
Anyway his list is something like this:
Pair of Librarians
Command squad
Couple of units of black knights
Half a dozen units of bikers
land speeder/darkshroud formation which gives out a huge shrouded bubble
another darkshroud
dark angels flier.
Each biker unit and the command squad is loaded up with grav and melta.

So the long and short of it is super fast, good shooting and just a ridiculous army wide 2+ re-rollable cover save.

I get first turn and move up, taking some pot shots. Notably the hive guard with their ignores cover weaponry and the flamers on the crone and tyrant manage to damage some speeders. The rest pretty much pings off. I think 66 shots from the termagants kills a single bike. I do put my units into a central ruin and stretch them for the malanthropes bubble.

His first turn he moves up, getting range on my monsters and opening fire, I mostly ignore the worst of it due to my cover save. One carnifex is limping badly and the hormagaunts eat a lot of bullets.

My second turn:
My mawloc comes in, direct hit on the invisible command squad with both librarians. Eats everyone, oh wait one librarian survives on 1 wound.....GAME CHANGER. In other reserves news both genestealer units come in from outflank and mostly hide behind walls.
My flyrant and hive crone take out the last of the darkshroud formation, allowing my shooting to clear up a few bikes on one flank.
My shrikes make a charge into a unit of bikers (baited in to rapid fire the hormagaunts) and promptly eat them and consolidate back into their malanthrope and ruin hidey hole.

His second turn:
Hes somewhat reeling but keeps going, plugging away at the malanthrope to little effect and butchering the termagants in combat, he does get locked in with the last few though. His flier comes in and whiff with its big gun.

My third turn:
The hive crone eats his flier, my shooting guns down a bunch of bikes, then the stealers and a carnifex eat the black knights who got stuck on the termagants.

His third turn, hes just playing for glory at this stage and tries to get the Malanthrope as its been annoying him, his librarian whiffs and gets killed by the malanthrope.

My turn four:
The genestealers and shrikes finish tidying up the marines.

Al in all an absolutely crushing victory for the Tyranids. Good. Now I get to play on the top table vs the guy who came second at this event last year ( I won it whoop whoop) and hes got a NASTY Daemons list. Well shit.

Game two vs Liam and his Khorne Daemons.
So lets clarify something, what you really dont want to be doing is bringing a close combat tyranid list vs a daemons close combat list, especially when that daemons list is the new decurion with objective corruption. We are playing the hardcore version of the rule where you can only claim a corrupted objective if you have obsec.

His list:
Great unclean one with instant death sword. (I did point out he was a fluff killer for running a nurgle general in a khorne army. He chuckled then went back to chopping me up)
2x Bloodcrushers
2x bloodletters
4x flesh hounds
Herald on jugger

Then a lost and the damned detachment with 2 leman russ exterminators and a bunch of guardsmen.

I won roll off and went first.
Pushing up my hormagaunts and both fliers to get in his way and slow him down.
I opened fire and my entire armies shooting killed 2 flesh hounds....good...the dice gods are saving my luck for later.

His turn one:
He moves up his entire army, shoots the leman russes into the hive crone. I jink, he hits with 4 autocannon shots, 4 multi melta shots and a lascannon (anytime now dice gods). I pass enough saves to be alive on 1 wound. Its something! I promptly fail my grounding test and smack into the floor dying on impact.....I trusted you dice gods, I TRUSTED YOU.
In combat somehow 14 hormagaunts kill a bloodcrusher and dont get wiped out.

My turn two:
So before the game we discussed that my instant deathing shrikes were the perfect counter to his great unclean one. He agreed but as we were chatting said that basically he couldnt hide from them and had to just risk it. I move up to make that charge.
The mawloc comes in, hits its head on a bloodcrusher and goes back into reserve having done no damage.
My hive tyrant flies over the leman russes and exacts a small amount of vengeance. Killing one and hull pointing the other.
The rest of my shooting and my psychic phase basically pings off again. I think to this stage I have fired almost 200 shots and killed 3 flesh hounds.
My carnifex charges into some flesh hounds and at least they died to massive alien eating them. He doesnt kill them all but makes a good chunk of it. The hormagaunts comically dont die and take out another bloodcrusher. Best 70pts I spend all tournament.
Then the big one, the shrikes charge into the Great Unclean one. I roll hot (thanks dice gods, I knew you loved me) and put FOUR instant death wounds onto the great unclean one. Liam shrugs, makes 4 5+ invulnerable saves and promptly kills the entire shrike squad.....(FUCK YOU DICE GODS FUCK YOU)

Liams turn two:
His great unclean one moves up into charge range of a carnifex, the rest of his pretty much unscathed army moves up into charge range.
He charges in and I just get butchered, its a horrible mess. Even the carnifex fighting two flesh hounds loses combat. I'm left with very little aside from the flyrant.

My turn three:
I do what I can with my flyrant, malanthrope. The mawloc bounces off again and the genestealers dont turn up.
Its fairly obvious how this games going.

His turn three:
He cant really hurt the flyrant, he mops up the rest and corrupts all the objectives.

My turn four:
Mawloc this time mishaps and dies. The genestealers both turn up on the wrong flank. My flyrant perils and grounds itself in the middle of the khorne army.
I call mercy and concede, Jesus that went badly.

So lessons: dice gods are bad people.
Khorne decurion is nasty, bloodletters and crushers suck normally, not when they get +1 attack, rage, and hatred. Then they are pretty lethal.
Those corrupted objective are brutal, with only gaunts and my absentees genestealers to compete I never really stood a chance unless I tabled him.
Did I mention I hate the dice gods?
On the bright side Liam went on to win the tournament so I cant feel too bad about it I guess.

So game three and I get the game draw nobody wants.
A really really dirty eldar army (jetbike spam, grav tank spam) and I get the guy at the tournament whos on a zero for sportsmanship and is getting complaints left and right. Not looking forward to this game.

So his list:
2 night spinners
2 fire prisms
Bunch of jetbikes
Farseer and warlocks on bikes
some wave serpents with stuff in (you'll understand why I'm not sure what in a minute)

So we deploy and immediately have a rules dispute about how infiltrating works and have to get a judge over. I'm right as it turns out, this is a recurring theme for the game. I wont mention anymore but he called a judge on 6 occasions to dispute rules, everytime I was right and just politely pointed out the page number.

Anyway he gets turn one. I castle up in a ruin, my whole army hiding out within malanthrope range and ruins. Its kill points so i reserve the hormagaunts to save their point, the genestealers go in outflank and the mawloc is awaiting his time.

His turn one:
He moves up, casts some powers on his units, open fire. End result, 2 dead termagants.

My turn one: The flyrant and crone take to the skies, everybody else shuffles around, he already mostly came into my guns range and I'm not leaving my safe ruins just yet.
Flyrant, crone, both carnifexes and the hive guard unload on a jetbike unit with farseer in. It dies.

His turn two:
He moves up and shoots some more. I make a bunch of saves.
He then starts to pack up his army and informs a judge I'm cheating because my whole army has a 2+ cover save. Judge tells him thats how the rules work and I'm just being sensible not walking into his guns. He swears a bit and quits......Judge tells him to get a grip and awards me a max win.

So a bit of a shitty way to end the tournament (and why I considered not writing this one up) but anyway i go around and watch some more games, my team are doing pretty poorly (my corsairs team mate was currently being turn two tabled by my first round opponent).

Anyway at the end my big first round win, combined with a few people taking a pasting in the final round and my high painting and sportsmanship score (the judges ignored my final round score because it was pretty obviously part of a tantrum) and I managed to just scrape into 3rd place. Thoroughly enjoyed my first two games, in fact the kicking I received vs Liam though it may not read like it was one of the best and most tactical games I've played in a while. Really enjoyed it, very very good player that man.

One final surprise at the end we were going round giving out the trophies, applauding people, bit of banter and stuff. Final award of the day, Best Painted. Goes to yours truly, Mr Snegz. Was really really proud of that one, its my first best painted award and really meant a lot considering some of the lovely armies on display.

Anyway folks thanks for the read. I'm running my first tournament in December so stand by for more updates.


  1. Dark Lord Foamy's Avatar
    Go the Niddy's! Still looks like some decent games bar the last one and I will never understand people like them and it's a charity tournament for crying out loud.


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