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The cult returns. (Genestealer Cult in combat patrol league.)

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Ahhh the genestealer cult. My first introduction into 40k back in 1993 when my cousin played them. It was them that eventually made me become a Tyranid player and still use a load of genestealers in my force. While I eventually hoped to make my own Cult force to go alongside the Nids 3rd ed came around and the cult showed up in an unofficial Citadel Journal army list but the models were long gone and by 4th ed the cult had vanished completely bar fluff. However GW seem to be bringing some of the old lists back and with Ad Mech and Harlequins becoming armies again the Cult has returned as well.

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So of course the first thing I did was make a gimmicky list with the codex and take it out for a spin using some proxies bar the stealers themselves as I have quite a few. The results were mixed but still reminded me Iím just not a big fan of larger 40k games anymore bar the occasional dive into 4th and 2nd ed. Still one thing I still enjoy playing is combat patrol and decided it was time for the Cult to join the orks and nids to see how they fair.

So the rules we use for combat patrol are the following similar to some Warhammer World used a little while ago.

1 Troop choice is compulsory you can also have 1 HQ, 1 Elites, 2 Troops, 1 Fast Attack and 1 Heavy Support choice.

The army cannot exceed 400pts

All models must come from the same faction.

No armour saves better then 3+ or Invul saves better then 5+

No vehicles whose total armour (front+side+rear) is greater than 33.

No Flyers

All troop and elite choices in the patrol can secure objectives.

So fairly standard and thankfully for the cult means most of my force is allowed with the exception of the leman russ.

Now the current combat patrol league around here has a few players but basically comes down to 3 normal marine armies, 1 space wolf, 1 dark angel, 1 Tau, 1 Harlequin, 2 Chaos Marines, 1 Ork and 1 Tyranid.

So a decent mix of melee and shooting means I have to make some decisions regarding what to take.

So let's start off with my initial plan of using the Cults sneakyness to my advantage. Most cult units have two special rules Return to the Shadow and Cult Ambush the first letting them go back into reserves if far enough away from the enemy and the other a special reserve table with the best results letting my units get a extra round of shooting or even charging the turn they come on.

So with that in mind and my armies general squishyness here's what I'm taking.

10 Acolyte Hybrids one with a demolition charge 100pts

10 Acolyte Hybrids one with a demolition charge 100pts

7 Purestrain Genestealers 98pts

Patriarch with 2 familiars 100pts

So the main idea of the list is to try and make sure the ambush table works in my favour as much as possible as 1/2 table allows my units to get within 6" of the enemy thus allowing the Acolytes to lob their charges that basically just kill anything with ease. Also the reason I took Acolytes over Neophytes is that while Neophytes do have better guns they are basically guardsmen so getting the charge result is not that useful to them while Acolytes have the rending claws of a stealer combined with higher WS, A and I then your normal guardsmen so get the shooting result pew pew away and if they get the charge result can get stuck in there as well.

For the Patriarch and his stealers they are kind of hoping to get the charge roll but the others that get them close or even let them run are also useful. They are also the toughest unit as they have invuls thanks to there quick reflexes. The Patriachs psychic powers are also quite handy with the basic one being a stat nerf the more powerful ones letting me control a unit or even summon more stealers which could be a laugh.

So first game is this Friday night and I'm up against Chaos space marines. Time to see how the cult will fair.



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